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    Central console glovebox Catch

    Come si dice 'spatula' in italiano?
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    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    McLaren asked Norris about switching, but he gave an emphatic NO! Lewis would have done the same but for him obeying the strategists. To which he thanked them for his 100th.
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    That reminds me to change address on my retention of MY03MAS... unless someone wants it...
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    Energy crisis

    Yes I got that email too...don't cancel your direct debit....oops. Did that before Avro went bust, I'm not paying £70 a month when I'm £240 in credit and I actually only use £20 a month during summer. Lets see what our 8 armed friends can deal us with.
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    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    Even Hamilton didn't want to put but accepted the order...
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    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    Shudda wudda cudda pitted.
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    Pic of the day

    Ah-ha, look at this and try not think 'Glass bottle, bottle glass, just like that'
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    Energy crisis

    There was a TV program years ago where teams had to do certain tasks, a team of engineers, another team(can't remember what trade) and a team of CEOs/entrepreneurs. They were each given the same task. The engineers looked at the request and set about it logically. The entrepreneur team just...
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    Maserati Merchandise. Masks, whips, chains, ........

    And some stupid questions, not necessarily Maserati related.
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    Bananas the shallot of yew
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    Energy crisis

    I say listening, more like singing tunefully and dancing elegantly..(in my head) makes it difficult to do more kitchen electrics..
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    Pic of the day

    Just as I thought. Was listening to a podcast interview with Gordon Murray and he had to sell his as the price had gone up so much the insurance was getting eyewatering especially when he had to declare the value... -Yes it's a McLaren F1... -Diesel or petrol? -Petrol -And the approximate...
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    Energy crisis

    £200 of mine too...was listening to the screamadelica album play on 6Music this morning and the news man was pronouncing them as ARVO...but I think you are closer...
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    Rare beast for sale

    Definitely suspect.