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  • hi paul and sorry for the delay in getting back to you,as when we were at lemans you ask me to let you know prices of the parts required for a cam belt and chain service on a 3200,ive used euro spares to get prices but you may be able to source cheaper from other parts supplier,
    cam belt£34
    tensioner£119.30 optional up to you but recomended
    idler pullyx2£18.23 each
    idler pully bearing x2£51.30 each
    cam chain £9.83 each
    cam chain guide £7.56 each
    fead belt
    hope this helps you,i dont mind doing the change for you
    Hi Paul, could I ask you to check your bank/credit car bill to make sure that apyment for the Cheostow hotel has gone from your account please. Hotel are saying that the reason they have taken money for a room from my account is because they only had payment for 5 rooms and we had 6. I think they have messed up so need to prove this to get my money back.

    Thnaks, Andy.
    I moved your thread to the appropriate technical section:

    3200, 4200, Spyder & GranSport


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