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    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Had 2nd Pffizer jab last week, few days later whole body swelled up, covered in serious raised red rash, had to go to A&E so bad, admitted staight away onto ward, pumped full of drugs , they were worried about anaphylactic shock) now home on steroids but feeling sXXt. Bollox Why me.
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    Anyone had the jab yet?

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    Getting an idea what to look for

    Jaguar had major Cylinder bore liner failures on XK V8's , many many complete engines replaced FOC well out of warranty (Google it) Maserati would not have stood by their product in the same way? Ford GB has major overheating problems with the 1.0 Eco boost engine that over heat...
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    Getting an idea what to look for

    It all comes down to money/consumer rights. Yes it was a major design fault that Maserati GB should have admitted to and paid up. Maserati GB have no interest in helping anyone when a car is out of 3 year warranty. Their answer is "should have bought a Maserati extended warranty- that would have...
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    Getting an idea what to look for

    In the UK (and I suspect the US) the machining of the cam caps and fitting non return valves can ONLY be done by Maserati GB/N America.It is not a DIY job. In the US the variators were done under warranty even when out of warranty. Not sure if they still do. Variator failure only affects...
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    Getting an idea what to look for

    No not inevitable but always possible. There is no rhyme or reason for failure, some do 100,000 miles and never fail, others fail at 20,000 miles. Some will fail at 5 years old some at 10 years old, ......or never. BUT if they do fail 4-5k to repair.....Or if you have a car that has not failed...
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    yes you are right!
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    Water radiator. Eurospares list the radiator at £322, seems to be the labour that pushes it up....
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    Just been told small leak from rad. I know the whole front has to come off but £1400 seems a bit excessive fitted? Anyone else been through this scenario??
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    E10 ethanol fuel is coming- watch out low usage cars

    Just read E10 ethanol fuel is coming this September in the UK. In the mid 2000's Florida introduced E10. At the time I was running a 5.7 V8 powerboat which I kept at my holiday home in Florida's Gulf Coast. I had no choice but to switch to E10. The boat sat for months at a time unused whilst I...
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    Granturismo problem!

    Engine mounts are a known weak point on GT's. Mine had a vibration that could be felt driving or revving at idle at around 1500rpm. The mounts are oil filled and it is not a cheap fix (I think around £700 several years ago. They were also on back order from from the factory for a long time-...
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    Closest near miss /brush with death

    When I was 17 I had a Capri 2000GT- Thought I was the best driver in the world- Rolled it with three school mates in, we all walked away. It was repaired to live another day only for me to crash it again whilst at Sheffield Poly......To say my dad was unimpressed was a understatement...
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    Dented pride

    A dozy woman ran into the back of my sons little Punto turbo last year. Needed a new rear bumper and work on osr quarter panel. Pretty minor. DirectLine "approved garage" quoted £3500. Value of car £2500. I did not want to write it off so got "Freds Panelbeaters" down a sidestreet to take a...
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    Laser detectors???

    Having been caught twice in the last year doing 40 in a 30 (One mobile van one mobile roadside policeman) any recommendations to at least reduce the risk with a laser detector Legal -ish??)