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    Italian road trip ideas?

    What’s the point in having a continent crossing Maserati grand tourer and then, when the opportunity comes along, using the plane instead?
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    Another would you rather: GranSport or tastefully modified manual 4200?

    You must have been driving a very badly set up 4200/GS. Every GS with a CC box I’ve owned has been significantly faster to change gear than any manual, and once you learn how to manage the gear change, there is no “clunkiness” either......
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    Be honest please.

    Yes I did, but don’t see the relevance of an an arbitrary number like £1m. Affordability of a mortgage in retirement is a factor of retirement income compared to mortgage monthly payment and other outgoing. The mortgage monthly payment can vary substantially based on many factors, of which the...
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    Anyone know this car? Newbie looking for a GTS

    That a very nice looking GTS at that mileage for that money. Looks well serviced too and, if variators done, could be a very good buy
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    Be honest please.

    N Not really if you have a decent guaranteed personal or corporate pension in retirement. Like this whole thread, it’s all about individual circumstances. You can’t make blanket rules.
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    Which one 4200 GS Spyder or Stradale for £50K

    I’m guessing you mean in the last 20 years? Personally, I’d put the MC Victory up there with it and even the Gransport. But I’d also say that a Strad doesn’t get close to an original Ghibli or a 3500/5000 GT in the desireability stakes when considering the entire Maserati back catalogue.
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    Be honest please.

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    Amazing... what could be more perfect for your Ghibli?!!!

    Why so rude to this poor bloke? This is a Maserati forum isn’t it? And he owns a Maserati doesn’t he? You couldn’t have made him feel much less welcome if you’d tried.....
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    Amazing... what could be more perfect for your Ghibli?!!!

    Is the damaged Ghibli a diesel. Nothing against diesel Ghibli or Levantes, but the petrol cars are a pretty different drive and make a very decent noise. If 4 doors aren’t essential, what about a Granturismo?
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    Amazing... what could be more perfect for your Ghibli?!!!

    Great looking car in a lovely setting. What is going to replace her?
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    Show me yours...

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    LHD F12 CHEAP?

    It’s an “interesting” colourway.........
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    Goodwood Revival

    Not sure Marios would be happy being referred to as a forum bug
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    Marios the magician and a sorted F1 box

    I suspect badly set up gearboxes are to blame for a lot of the negativity out there about gear changes on the CC and MC Shift cars. As Ryandoc says, properly set up they’re a dream........
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    New car offers

    When you park it, try to hide what model it is. A policeman mate said they are the most stolen to order/for a heist car at the moment.