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    Lady Diana's Escort Ghia

    Stiletto marks in the headlining I would think....and does n't like going through tunnels
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    straight through rear boxes?

    Contigo had straight throughs on his 3200. It sounded like a tug boat because of the turbos. I'm sure he has a video of it sailing out of port somewhere . Here it is :
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    What are they learning to do ? Die?
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    Does anybody have cad software ?

    I prefer to call then "Inflates Rates"
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Lillyhammer . Just started watching this series . It's well funny.
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    My Gransport, 9 months in.

    Nope ,that is a bad match. I would have done exactly the same.
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    My Gransport, 9 months in.

    Did you have the whole front end done ? bumper off ? I need to get mine done soon , the stone chips are getting quite bad.
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    Another Hydrolocked 4200 for sale

    Nope , mines in Portugal and has a different interior
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    Where does this wire go ?

    Definitely an earth strap . Attach it to a bolt through the body.
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    4200 Rear screen replacement

    It seems to have a groove for a chrome trim , this was nt the same as the original was it ?
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    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Had mine on Saturday. Oxford, splitting headache , chills and totally drained the next day. Still, having been last to bed at many Le Mans parties I am used to feeling close to death and still being clinically alive.
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    Anyone had the jab yet?

    I'm 44. My doctors phoned me on Saturday. I'm booked in for my first jab on Saturday morning and the next one 12 weeks later. Louise, who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and has a weakend immune system has n't heard a dicky bird.
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    Strada Magazine needs a GranSport LE

    I've got a red Gransport , I'm just not driving it to Yorkshire :D
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    Strada Magazine needs a GranSport LE

    That's Newtons Argento Luna Gransport
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    Driving tests.

    I passed my car test first time after 7 lessons. Just about to go and do my bike test before all the bikes become electric. Well, when the bloody tests are running again . Any tips? ....and don t worry, I'll be buying an Italian bike.