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    Larini Cats - GT MC-Shift / MC Stradale

    My brother has them on his Strad . They will make your car sound mental with the valves open .
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    Cover Band Names

    Ziggy Sawdust :D
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    Tyre Pressures?

    Yes thats the tyres I have . I run the fronts at about 31 PSI
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    Tyre Pressures?

    35 psi seems a lot for the front of a gs . That ll shake your teeth out .
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    Tyre Pressures?

    While on the subject what about A Gransport tyre pressures ? My front tyres always look flat at 2 bar /29 psi all round .
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    Covid Shopping- GranSport

    I know . I keep threatening to sell it and can't bring myself to . It's bloody gorgeous ! Red with full black leather and red piping just look mean !
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    Covid Shopping- GranSport

    I've had a GS for about 3 years now and keep looking at GTS s . Every time go and look at one I think "Its like a barge !" I think that the interior styling is awful compared to the GS. The big square door air bags are horrible .The light switches and the centre console were out of date when...
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    GTS Strange Water Temp Reading

    Temperature sensor probably .
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    Top Gear

    He probably thinks its Austin Martin,, the useless northern monkey .
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    Top Gear

    It was sh1t , as uaual .
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Well I found it funny
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    The other birds thread

    Shes got two foreheads on top of each other . No thanks
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    The good morning thread

    You should have contemplated not using the word contemplate too many times.
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    Jenny Agutter's Page.

    A challenging w4nk I agree ....but not impossible
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    4200 Radio & Satnav upgrade

    It's actually Joy Divison unless Ian Curtis has un-hung himself .... but who's counting:D