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  1. Ewan

    Cheapest QP Ever?

    Buy it for 4. Drive it till it breaks. Sell it for 4. Free motoring. In a Maserati!
  2. Ewan

    Funny or clever number plates

    Not particularly funny or clever (so minor thread drift alert), but I’ve just had new plates fitted to the Urraco. I had them made in Italy to the original spec, by the company Lambo used back at that time.
  3. Ewan

    Ghibli II GT detailed

    Wow - fabulous! Hadn‘t noticed it for sale. Where did you find it? Was it previously owned by Ian Roberts I wonder?
  4. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    Yes - the Worlds most expensive production car, back in the day. Very fine work by Pininfarina, and definitely on my to-buy list. Looked at one at auction last year, but it needed too much work. But I'm primed and ready for when I see the right example crop up. (Very rare in RHD now, unfortunately.)
  5. Ewan

    The Dog Thread

  6. Ewan


    I imagine it’ll make low teens but probably not reach its reserve. There’s not demand for high mileage GT’s with missing history.
  7. Ewan

    Range Rover advice

    The Holland and Holland L322 went for about £47k, which is a lot more than I expected. Nice though.
  8. Ewan

    Maserati Insurance

    Last week I added the Peugeot 304 Cabrio to my policy. £50 for the year, fully comp, including the admin fee. Across the fleet, it averages at about £200 per car (even including the Rangie, which if you choose to believe internet nonsense, is all but uninsurable). I’m with Chubb.
  9. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    So Andy, the question becomes which does a client with a budget of circa £180k buy - the new AM Vantage or the new Maser GT? Of course, if you need the rear seats it has to be the Maser, but if that one feature is not important, surely the Vantage wins? A year or two from now it’ll be...
  10. Ewan

    Range Rover advice

    Lovely car, but stupid money. The Holland and Holland one at auction this weekend should be considerably less, more rare, better finished and a far more sound investment. BTW, my wife is only about 5.2 and has been happily driving our Rangies for over a decade. And goes to Waitrose nearly...
  11. Ewan

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Only started it about an hour ago, so still not actually taken it off the trailer or for a drive. That's a job for tomorrow (after I've got it insured!).
  12. Ewan

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Other news. When buying the Peugeot 304, the auctioneer said the car would start, but not run. So I collected it on a low-loader and now have it back in the unit. I've managed to fix the non-running problem - by adding some fuel! (I would have thought the auction house, or seller, might have...
  13. Ewan

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    I believe the roof is carbon, but that the bonnet and roof rails are painted.
  14. Ewan

    Range Rover advice

    Though a V5 isn’t proof of ownership. Its just a bit of paper stating who the DVLA believes to be the registered keeper.
  15. Ewan

    The only model year 2023 QP Trofeo (apparently)

    Agreed. A QPT is at least a £20k-per-year car in depreciation alone over its first three years. Though not impossible to justify as a good spend of money. It’s easy to spend that on a high level safari for a family of 4 in a week. Or the charter of a boat for a day. At least you get the Maser...
  16. Ewan

    Range Rover advice

    There are two Holland and Holland Rangies coming up at the next Historics auction. There’s a review of them both on their website (and YouTube). Personally I’d go for the newer of the two.
  17. Ewan

    Brooklands Auto Italia 4th May!!

    Very rare to see a Ghibli mk II in red that is not a Cup. Lovely.
  18. Ewan

    The Low Loader Thread

    Sucker for the Pininfarina styling. It’s just a lovely thing. Ideal for gently pottering around the lanes of Dorset on a sunny afternoon, a glass of Pimms in hand. (Me in the passenger seat, before anyone asks!)
  19. Ewan

    The Low Loader Thread

  20. Ewan

    The Low Loader Thread

    Collected my new (non-runner) toy earlier today: