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  1. stikey

    The Low Loader Thread

    on the way back from modina on a trip and this guy got an applause from the lads at the petrol stop on his wedding Day
  2. stikey

    Pic of the day

    had this one back in the day brought it as a repo with 2k miles and paid £2450 regret selling i t from the day it left my drive
  3. stikey

    Pic of the day

  4. stikey

    Pic of the day

    54 year old omer sport new in a show room 32 years then planet holywood 5 years then bex hill 2 years then i brought it from an add in auto italia delivered to in my mates where it sat on display for 16 years on loan back to my place this week cleaned the carb new fule and oil runs sweet as
  5. stikey

    Electrical Smoke From Bonnet - Offside

    yep did mine to valve cover gaskets
  6. stikey


    HPT 01202576326 Emblems contractor £250 covered ba2 to pool
  7. stikey

    Servicing Bristol Area

    I did too with the 3200gta ac and the strad
  8. stikey

    Pic of the day

    My 3200gt ac new parts
  9. stikey

    Exhaust valve on Granturismo S query(mc shift)

    Depends on what mood mine are in on the day if they open at all or when they feel like it
  10. stikey

    HR Owen service pricing

    stone in the pump pulley new pump hole in the rad new rad discs and pads brakes all round tap out and fit new bleed niples seezed air con condenser big service f k knows what else don t want to look at the paper work i.lve done 19k maintaining cars this year i won't be doing next year i...
  11. stikey

    HR Owen service pricing

    i took the strad for a £1500 service and walked out with a 10k spend roll on 7 months in go s the quadrifolio a different garage of course for £1600 service came out 9k down now i know what it must feel like being raped
  12. stikey

    Pic of the day

  13. stikey

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Thursday on the M3
  14. stikey

    3200 dashboard upper face.

    and me bit tight but fits
  15. stikey

    Robotic Lawnmowers

    these look like a good model
  16. stikey

    Pic of the day

    marina 1800tc the biggest pice of sh t i ever drove except an allegro the door handles use to snap off and the cam followers went of on one then it use to lurch round the corners feels like i'm living the dream these days driving down the road in a vito van going to work
  17. stikey

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - who owns one and is it epic?

    spot on that why i brought one and i have no regrets
  18. stikey

    MC20 Personal Views

    what stand were you on ewan