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  1. mmarks

    Windscreen sensors

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the sensors in the windscreen do? There's one near the top and one (looks like a camera) on the back of the rear view mirror. I presume One of them is auto wipers, what's the other? Michael Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  2. mmarks

    Maximum number of albums reached

    I thought I'd do something useful on my first reduced hours day so I sorted out my music collection, copied it all to a USB drive and put it in the USB socket in the glovebox. I think there are about 9000 songs on it and just under 20GB. It took about 8 hours for the car to read the USB drive...
  3. mmarks

    HR/employment advice urgently required

    Hi all, Hopefully someone here has HR/employment law knowledge. I have just been informed that my employer is going to put me (and many other staff) on a 60% salary - asking us to work 3 days a week. They are sending me a letter (haven't received it yet). What are my options? If I sign it...
  4. mmarks

    Auto folding door mirrors

    Today I finished my project to make the door mirrors fold when locking the car and unfold when unlocking it. Not seen this done before on a Granturismo so I was keen to get it working. No other functions are affected so the mirrors still close using the joystick on the drivers door as before...
  5. mmarks

    Dim radio display

    Noticed today that in daylight the radio/NIT display is not very bright, I know its an LCD - is there a backlight bulb? Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  6. mmarks

    What projects to do on the car whilst isolating?

    Thought it would make a good thread to see what suggestions anyone has for mini projects on our cars whilst self isolating. On my 2013 Granturismo I have some puddle lights to fit (they don't fit without mods) and I have a kit I bought to make the mirrors auto fold when locking the car and...
  7. mmarks

    Caliper bleed nipples required - where to purchase?

    Hi all, I had my new tyres fitted yesterday and whilst there and the wheels were off I had the geometry set up and the brake fluid replaced. Bleeding the brakes. I was informed that no fluid was coming out of 2 of the bleed nipples (one front, one rear). As they hadn't scheduled for this and I...
  8. mmarks

    Tyres (don't shoot me)

    Hi all, Time for a full set of tyres on my GTS. I know there have been many threads on tyres but I am still not certain. Are the Michelin PS4 still the most recommended? Has anyone else caught up? I'm not a racer, just want safety, long life (me and the tyre) and grip wet and dry. Don't need...
  9. mmarks

    Head unit options

    Hi all, I'm thinking of options to upgrade my 2013 Granturismo headunit. I'm looking to support my phone (android auto) so I can play music and podcasts whilst controlling everything through the steering wheel or head unit (my current Y cable and Bluetooth receiver means whilst the sound comes...
  10. mmarks

    iPod usage - help required

    Hi all, So, new to my Maserati (only had it a month) and normally an Android user but I bought the Maserati iPod cable and an old 32GB iPod touch. I installed iTunes on my PC and imported my library of music into it (circa 9500 tracks) then synced it to the iPod. So far so good! Plugged the...
  11. mmarks

    Can maps be deleted to free up juke box space?

    Of the 30gb jukebox, I believe there is 20-22gb free for music as the rest is taken up by the maps. I only really need the UK maps and, having bought the 2017 CDs, I could always add maps later if required. My question is, can the unwanted maps be removed thus freeing up space for more music...
  12. mmarks

    Confusion over exhaust components changes - advice required

    Hi all, I've had my 2013 Granturismo S MC-shift (I think that's what it's called) for a week now and want some advice. Having come from a Ferrari 360 with an upgraded exhaust, I miss the volume, barking and pops! In sport mode, it is definately louder and does bark and pop but I want...
  13. mmarks

    SIM card slot not in the owners handbook

    Hi all, Getting used to the car and noticed that, although it is a 2013 car and has bluetooth for the phone, there is what looks like a SIM card slot on the right hand side of the stereo system. This isn't mentioned anywhere in the handbook and seems at odds with a 2013 car (and why would you...
  14. mmarks

    Anyone know what this is?

    Picked up my 2013 Granturismo S today and, in the wallet of books there was this Maserati purch with what looks like a small remote (one button) in it. There is also another of these. What is it?
  15. mmarks

    How to use USB socket???

    Hi all, Just introduced myself in the new owners section - bought my first Maserati - a 2013 Granturismo S today and so far very impressed. Drove nearly 200 miles home in it and loved it - and thats coming from somebody who part exchanged a Ferrari! My first confusion which doesn't seem to be...
  16. mmarks

    New owner - looking forward to understanding more about my car

    Good evening all. I have (today) sold my Ferrari 360 spider and bought a 2013 GranTurismo S (semi automatic). I loved my Ferrari but age and a dodgy back meant it was no longer an option. I thought it would be a sad day but thoroughly enjoyed my journey home with all the pops, bangs and noise in...