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  1. La Rascasse

    John Barnard F1 Podcast

    Just listened to a fascinating podcast from John Barnard. He introduced the paddle shift gearbox in the Ferrari F1 car in 1989. Before then it was the traditional H gate gear selector. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a must listen to F1 fans and technology at that time in motor...
  2. La Rascasse

    My Red 4.7s Beauty!

    Good evening fellow Maserati owners. Thought I better introduce myself as a new GranTurismo owner. Finally collected her (Lika) on Wednesday and had a horrid journey home on the M25, M1 and M6 to Preston although the toll road was very entertaining! Lika is a 2012 4.7s auto in Rosso Trionfale...