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    2003 4200 CC Non-runner at Copart

    Already up to £4.5k and still not met reserve. Given what the car might cost to repair, and what It would be worth when you did, is this really worth that much? Reminds me of Phil's resurrection of his Med Blu car.
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    NZ Car Collection One for Phil? Some interesting cars in there, although how well maintained and how much recommissiong work is necessary who knows?
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    Paint shop or detailed in East Kent

    Not for a Maserati, but my Z4 was keyed the other day. Possibly a smart repair but I am also looking at getting the paint corrected for the whole car and the front bumper may need a respray. Any recommendations as to where to go in East Kent?
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    RX06CJY facelift 4200 CC on Autotrader Started at 13,995 a few weeks ago. Guy has been evasive about getting a PPI done. His last...
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    classiccarspares2015 on eBay - excellent

    I do not want to undermine the likes of David Askew, who I know is well regarded on here, but I just wanted to share my experience with classiccarspares2015 on eBay who often has Maserati items for sale. In my case, Matthew helped me out with my BMW Z4 and he was extremely helpful. I...
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    Stratton Norwich

    Does anyone have any experience of the above for their work on Maseratis? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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    Who to conduct a PPI near Reading

    Following on from UlstermanAbroad's post about a PPI for a biturbo, where would you go for a PPI on a facelift 4200 in Reading? Thanks for your suggestions
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    4200 bodykit

    A pre-facelift(?) car has recently appeared on ebay with a deeper front end and sideskirts and diffuser rear end. Was this an OEM bodykit? To my eye it makes the 4200 look very chunky.
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    3200GTA at Coys Spirit of Motoring Auction Starting bid £6,500 plus commission of 17% + VAT. Previously on sale on eBay but can't remember how much for.
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    Pre-Purchase Inspection of a Gransport

    Hi I am looking at a GS in South Wales and would welcome recommendations for a PPI. The seller (business) does not have a ramp and I am hoping he will agree to have the car transported for inspection. FTech will inspect on site but cost is obviously quite a bit higher including travel. Can...