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  1. CatmanV2

    Office lights

    Not quite what you may think but we have many geniuses here. I have an office at home, Loft conversion (before our time) with 3 recessed spot lights. Not even great as a bedroom light source, bloody awful for an office. They are MR16 (currently LED) bulbs, so 12v. I thought to replace them...
  2. CatmanV2

    Airplay casting advice

    OK you lot. Mrs C is a bit of a footy fan. The club shall not be named, but the deal is that, as a season ticket holder, she gets free access to live, streamed home matches. As an experiment I bought a cheap Airplay stick to allow her to put it on the big screen. And she can. Problems are...
  3. CatmanV2

    400V experts redux

    Hello lovey electrical people. Another question, please. I have just tried to plug my spanky new 400v 3 phase fan heater (specifically one of these) It has one of these on the end: Which looks spiffingly like...
  4. CatmanV2

    Trumps test positive

    Couldn't make it up! C
  5. CatmanV2

    The Grand Party Hotel

    BBC1 now. WTAF? I am speechless C
  6. CatmanV2

    Can of worms = Open

    Soooooo I have a list of cars that I'd quite like to own. And I should be able to buy one of in the next job iteration. Budget is £35k totally top. £30k is what I can get past the expenses committee but there are ways..... Currently short list: DB9 V12 Bentley GT Speed Granturismo MC shift...
  7. CatmanV2

    Ageing posts

    I've just had a like (thanks @Gecara8183 ) on a post that is nearly 7 years old. Is this a record? :lol: (I didn't even think it was one of my best! Certainly not up to the level of the St Bin's day ones!) C
  8. CatmanV2

    Cycling newbie

    So if I decided that I really am never going to be back at running, and want to try cycling..... <lights blue touchpaper> What should I buy given I'm over 6' and not interested in spending over 4 figures. <stands well back> C
  9. CatmanV2

    NC500 in October

    Madness or not? Assuming I have a suitable car and Mexico is closed for business. Answers on a postcard, please C
  10. CatmanV2

    Number plate: Anyone interested

    My father's knackered old Merc has R437UBY on it. Anyone know a Ruby that might be interested in taking the car for the plate? I'd be delighted if he'd get rid of the damned thing so I don't have to when he dies.... C
  11. CatmanV2

    Anyone know a good lawyer

    Evening chaps There's some scrappy land behind mine and my neighbours' houses that we've been trying to buy. The local council have been shall we say, less than interested in making any progress and have now said 'Ah, we're not selling any land until our plans are approved in the Autumn and...
  12. CatmanV2

    Random ask: Mirrors

    Since people seem to be able to get just about anything on this forum, left field question of the day: I need some mirrors. Rectangular. 2m high and varying widths to 2.1m Safety backed. Quite large. Also quite spendy. Although not quite as bad I as was expecting, enough to make me go 'hmmmmm'...
  13. CatmanV2

    Three Phase supply

    Evening all you elastictrickery experts My new gym has three phase power. How do I / can it be converted to normal sockets? TIA C
  14. CatmanV2

    Paging experts in hi-fi, electronics, computers and possible demonic possession

    OK I'm stumped at this point. As some of you know I'm a bit of a music buff and love music around the house. What I currently have is a couple of Raspberry Pis with HiFiberry DACs attached. They are running a custom OS called Volumio...
  15. CatmanV2

    Camera upgrade. Again

    Hmmm, so after this weekend's fun and games I'm rather tempted to upgrade my camera. Again. After my success here last year, I wonder if anyone would be interested in an immaculate Canon M3 with kit lens, boxed, all accessories and charger? Ebay seems to indicate about £250 so any offers not...
  16. CatmanV2

    Alfa 147 issue

    Afternoon, all. For the first time I've managed to make a car worse :( Mrs C's 147 has an electric hatch release only (2002) which has been becoming increasingly un-reliable. Our respect indy was sure it was the solenoid, but they don't make these any more, and when it fires it fires well, so I...
  17. CatmanV2

    Catman's Khazi Cash 'n' Carry now open for business

    Are you in a state of worry? Have you been tempted by overpriced, inferior quality toilet paper? Fear not! Catman is here clean up the mess, we will not be beating on price. For those more expansive of ****, we can also offer kitchen roll at discounted rates!
  18. CatmanV2

    Category N cars

    What's the groupthink on these. Percentage down on retail? TIA C
  19. CatmanV2

    2020 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    Here it is. I have no excuses. Others might well have. I'll be posting initial stats actually when 2020 start but I know my goals (currently) 1) Sub 189lbs (probably) because 1a) Get into my favourite jeans. Weight is not necessarily a good metric on its own. But it can be a good marker. As...
  20. CatmanV2

    Free Ultrafast broadband for all!

    Trying to avoid political bias, and bearing in mind what I do for a living, can anyone explain why this might be anything other the most insane proposal of the election so far? C