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  1. Doctor Houx

    GT/GC Front bumper winglets

    Does anyone on here know if the little winglets fitted to the bottom of each side of the front bumper on the S models are available as a spare or only as part of the whole bumper moulding? I’ve looked on Scuderia Parts but can’t see them. Would ideally like carbon finish to match the rear...
  2. Doctor Houx

    Think That’s Dickie’s Gransport?

    I think I recognise the background to this Gransport LE making the cut on PistonHeads best modern classics for £30k or less. Chequebooks at the ready.....
  3. Doctor Houx


    I think we are coming to the end of the era of N/A ICE sportscars with a manual box and was looking for something raw to add to my road collection as the DB4 is not road legal. I tried an Atom and BAC Mono, then by chance came across this GT40 replica. With my Le Mans connections it’s seemed to...
  4. Doctor Houx

    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC

    I was fed up with the rusting black steel bolts holding the engine covers in place, so have replaced these with M5 stainless Socket head bolts and washers. Look much better IMO, they don’t rust or seize and cost was less than £10 off eBay for the 25 you need.
  5. Doctor Houx

    YouTube 2007 GT Project

    This bloke is quite well known on YouTube as he rebuilt a crash damaged Bentley Conti GT, drove it to Monaco and back and has now auctioned it off BOTB style with £15 tickets. Now moved onto this GT that sounds Cat C or D from his description that he picked up for £16.5k in a pretty and very...
  6. Doctor Houx

    What’s this Bolt that fell off?

    Found this on garage floor this morning under L/H front wheel. Had an x pipe fitted recently and think it may be one of the bolts that holds the big metal under frame that adds stiffness to the Grancab?
  7. Doctor Houx

    Spoiled my GC?

    Slavishly devoting myself to originality for some of my cars so I can spend thousands of wasted hours cleaning for Concours events (I won my class at the AMOC 2020 "Virtual" Concours yesterday) , I wanted to have a bit more scope for personalisation with my (relatively) low value GC, but don't...
  8. Doctor Houx

    Track Day at Snetterton

    With online registration and briefing this event surprisingly went ahead today. Took the GC just for a change from the Astons but knowing it was a bit heavy and too long a wheelbase. Passed the 105db noise test no problems even with valves open and made a great noise, but was humbled by some...
  9. Doctor Houx

    Replacement Intake and Sound Chamber Set

    Seeing as I could tick most of the boxes on the thread about old men looking like c..k's in convertibles, I thought I would add to the cringe factor and have purchased a red finish intake housing with carbon sound chambers from Urutu in the US to replace the OE black plastic. Cost about £265...
  10. Doctor Houx

    This Hurts My Eyes! Says specced like this from new! What were they thinking?
  11. Doctor Houx

    How to Build a Maserati

    Following similar episodes on Aston, Morgan, Bentley and the company that makes London Taxi’s ( no idea why they included that one) we have a 1 hour doc on More4 Mon 18th May 9pm on building a QP6. As all the others have been focused on British Marques, why they have chosen Maserati as the only...
  12. Doctor Houx

    Every Cloud

    Now we are allowed to drive again I’ve been out filling up a few of the fleet at less than £1 per litre. A V12 Aston, 4.7 GC and even the 7 litre Bentley are economy models at this price. Happy days! When was 95 RON last less than £1 a litre? Last century?
  13. Doctor Houx

    GT/GC ashtray P/N 920002570

    Anybody have one of these? Meant to be an ashtray that fits in one of the cup holders, but I want to use for pens/ coins etc
  14. Doctor Houx

    Fitting Stindig's Dead Pedal

    This arrived today and is just like the OE Part other than the price..........thanks Stindig! It comes with 3 x M6x15 countersunk bolts and many have said that the footrest should have pre-drilled holes to accept these. I have a 2010 GC and couldn't find any so peeled the carpet back and found...
  15. Doctor Houx

    Goodwood 78 Members Meeting

    This was scheduled for this W/E but had to be cancelled obviously. I usually participate with my DB4GT so have withdrawal symptoms☹️ Goodwood have thus put together a whole 2 days of streaming the best races from previous meetings free on Worth a watch if u are stuck indoors...
  16. Doctor Houx

    105 Dba

    I have a trackday coming up and thought I might take the Grancab for a laugh! Bit big and heavy but I’ve hardly driven it since I got it in Jan 19 so would be fun to give it a blast as opposed to same old rides with the Astons it has the standard valved 4.7 engine exhaust, so will it pass the...
  17. Doctor Houx

    Maserati Feature in Car Mag Feb 2020

    10 page feature in this months mag, covering brief history, highlight models through the years, the GT Zeda launch and the future. Generally very positive on the brand and legacy and the GranTurismo’s 12 year production run. Says the new electric future plans are interesting, but lots of deja...
  18. Doctor Houx

    Alfa Zender Alloys For Sale

    Had a garage clear out, and found these Zender KBA 43990 Alloys. I had them fitted to a 156 in 2000 and they have been in hibernation at the back of my garage since I sold the car in 2001! They are 7J x 15 and will fit most Alfas of that period. Fiat part number is 60877540. Two are in very...
  19. Doctor Houx

    The Road to Le Mans 2020 - 24H & Classic Accommodation

    I’m back for my 34th visit to Le Mans this year, and following a successful inaugural year in 2019 letting our apartment in the Cheval Blanc building directly opposite the Hotel de France in Le Chartre Sur Le Loir, we are opening up bookings on the Sportsitalia & Maserati Forums prior to our...
  20. Doctor Houx

    Marcon Classic - 17th & 18th August

    If anyone is in the Le Mans area the weekend of 17/18 August, you might want to pay this event a visit. Held by a beautiful lake in the village of Marcon, about 5km from La Chartre sur le Loir and the famous Hotel de France, it attracts over 1,000 (mainly French) vehicles of all types including...