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  1. Hawk13

    The recommend me a watch winder thread ....

    As the watch thread is pretty active on here, I am hoping that you can recommend me a good watch winder. I seem to have spent a small fortune over the years in trying to find watch winders that meet the following needs: 1 - actually move enough to keep the watch 'charged' 2 - work with large...
  2. Hawk13


    I have wanted an open top / targa Ferrari for a long time and have considered a California but keep coming back to the 360 Spider. This would be a fun car for me and would be used as a sunny day toy. Anything I should be aware of?
  3. Hawk13

    Anyone know if Prestige Installs (Audio) has gone under?

    I have been trying to contact Paul at Prestige for sometime now. About a month ago I spoke to the shop to ask about an install (circa £1500 so a worthwhile job) and was asked to confirm everything by email. I have since sent 6 or 7 emails, tried contact via the website and also calling (the...
  4. Hawk13


    A Maserati face mask has just turned up in the post ... a gift from my supplying dealer. I will not be wearing that in public!
  5. Hawk13


    The title says it all really. She loves big cars / SUVs and has always been a Mercedes fan. And she wants a G Wagon. I know the following about G Wagons: They look like they were designed by a 2 year old with a crayon The fuel efficiency of the diesels is so bad you may as well have the...
  6. Hawk13

    It's official - Le Mans Classic cancelled for 2020 ...

    ... and deferred to 1st weekend in July 2021. Let the battle with the ferry providers commence!
  7. Hawk13

    The Levante is .... overpriced, not especially good car. Why do I say that I hear you ask? Over the weekend a few warning lights (ESC, ASR and suspension) popped up on the GT and so I decided to drop it in at the MD as it is pretty close to me, the car is under warranty and it also needed a clean :) They...
  8. Hawk13

    Recommend me your favourite album

    With me working at home for the last week or so and for the foreseeable future, I am rapidly working my way through my vinyl LPs and have even got the CD player out of the loft. And I'm getting bored of Spotify recommendations so asking the SM massive to recommend me some listening. I really...
  9. Hawk13

    Stupid job titles

    My son is currently looking for a new job and showed me a job at Subway ......... for a Sandwich Artist. Sandwich Artist - must be the most ridiculous job title I have heard in years!
  10. Hawk13

    Living with a Gran Turismo

    I've now had my 2017 GT for a few months and have racked up a few thousand miles and thought it might be useful for any prospective buyers to read about my experience and thoughts. I bought my GT for very specific reasons. I wanted a proper 4 seater that wasn't a saloon (think RS, M car or...
  11. Hawk13

    Recommend me a fun small car ...

    For as long as my daughter has bled me dry with her horse habit (trust me, a cocaine addiction would be cheaper!) and we have needed a big 4WD (horsey tow car). But she is now in Australia for a couple of years and so the horses have gone - as has the 4WD - and the wife has been bouncing...
  12. Hawk13

    SM Motorbike thread

    Following on from the "My other car is" thread, thought I'd start a motorbike chat. In my garage is: exotic Italian: 2015 MV Agusta F4. 200hp from a 1 litre bike is bonkers and where I get my giggles (other than in the GT) boring Italian: Vespa for comutting oldschool: Kawasaki KR1. Good...
  13. Hawk13

    More noise needed :)

    I love my GT but can't help but think that a bit more noise would make it sound even better. I'm not talking about anything (too) antisocial and likewise I'm really not interested in chasing bhp but am interested to understand options and opinions of this forum. As I see it there are 3...
  14. Hawk13

    Extras specified at first order

    Is there any way of finding out what options / extras were specified by the original purchaser? And associated list prices? Just curious to understand if my 2017 GT is standard.
  15. Hawk13


    Morning all I've just bought a 2017 Gran Turismo as I needed a car with 4 proper seats and was bored of the usual AMG saloons, M cars etc and have always had a love of Italian cars (and motorbikes). Mrs H was keen on a Panamera Turbo but (despite it being blisteringly fast) did absolutely...