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  1. Twinspark

    Skyhook Dampers / Coilovers

    I found another oddity in my car, while looking underneath I found that my shock absorbers are leaking. Whats different however is that all the shocks in this car are yellow whereas all 4200 dampers I’ve seen are grey. Are these non skyhook dampers? They dont look like a KW / FD coilover option...
  2. Twinspark

    Blown cats - What are my options

    I've recently had a look over on my car and it had a code P0132 relating to the O2 sensor, I took it to a mechanic who said that the cats are done. While the secondary cats are not really a problem, assuming the worst and saying that all 4 cats are toast, what are my options realistically? I...
  3. Twinspark

    Driveshaft Boots

    I'm in the process of replacing all the bushings and engine mounts in my car and thought I might replace these while I'm at it. Wanted to ask if there's any cheaper alternative or should I just shell out for the OEM Ferrari part? (Linked, its the same used in the 355 and other Ferraris)
  4. Twinspark

    WANTED: GranSport / 4200 Decat Pipes and X/H-Pipe

    As the title, if anyone has a used setup that they don't want let me know.