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  1. Swedish Paul

    la la Superstar

    My lads band on Spotify. I particularly like Elvis I’d Dead and Dolly Doll.
  2. Swedish Paul

    My son is on Spotify

    Of course not very popular as I’m the only one who has listened yet. There are swear words so be warned..
  3. Swedish Paul

    Tasteful Ryanair Advert

    Has anyone seen it? “The Covid vaccine has arrived to book your summer holiday now with Ryanair”
  4. Swedish Paul

    Blu Oceano 4.7 for sale....

    ......simply peel to expose
  5. Swedish Paul

    Trump and USA PGA Golf and Li

    So if Li wins, what will Trump’s social media reaction be. Apart from ridiculous...
  6. Swedish Paul

    3 wheels and still wins. Bizarre

    What can you say
  7. Swedish Paul

    Bentley turbo R or 599

    I have a reasonably rapid GS, should I go faster Ferrari as a third car or something more regal? I am also leaning towards an XJS or a Jensen Interceptor.
  8. Swedish Paul

    New clutch, check. MOT passed, check.

    500km thrash today. Check! And they even cleaned the inside. The carpets look like new.
  9. Swedish Paul

    Looks like my GS starting issues will soon be fixed...

    Sometimes it starts on the button, sometimes not. But the last 12 months it’s been a pig. So with the snow and ice gone, I kept trying on and off for 2 hours and finally it starts. The Maserati guys reckon it’s s dodgy clutch position sensor and it is booked in at the end of the month for a new...
  10. Swedish Paul

    These don’t come up for sale very often
  11. Swedish Paul

    600hp GT for anyone?
  12. Swedish Paul

    CODE system relay very hot

    Still having issues starting, nothing happens when cold. After 20 mins of trying to start, in fires into life. Just driven for 4 hours and the relay for the CODE system in the footwell is very hot to touch. Only supposed to carry 20A. Is this normal?
  13. Swedish Paul

    Failure in suspensions system and Cambiocorsa gearbox failure

    Tried to start the car again and it wouldn't. I can hear the gearbox priming (5-7 seconds) and can select neutral manually. It started yesterday but then refused to start again. On charge overnight. Tried again today and on the nth attempt, I get these two warning lights come on. Odd that both...
  14. Swedish Paul

    GS - What amp battery?

    I only replaced it a couple of years ago but it has a 74ah 680a battery. It was the same as what I took out.
  15. Swedish Paul

    How long do the brake lights stay on?

    Starting issues again. Been fine all winter starting once a month but today when getting the car out of storage, it won’t start. No going into neutral although I can do this manually. Then I noticed that the brake lights go out after a few seconds. Is that normal?
  16. Swedish Paul

    Blue Nettuno Paint code?

    I’m away and need to buy some paint for my GS (headlamp washer cover!!). Would someone scan the paint sticker and post if you have the same colour? Or the paint code. I searched on here but the code I found was not net blue.
  17. Swedish Paul

    I need to start a UK Ltd company

    For speed, I want to buy one off the shelf. Recommendations?
  18. Swedish Paul

    Strippers for cash - breaking a 3200

    It had a blown head gasket. They broke it and sold all the wishbones for 150 quid. Quite shocking.
  19. Swedish Paul

    Sixt - levante for 79 of your English pounds....

    ... a day. Just saw it on the Telly in the uk.