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    2003 4200cc BEEPING ON TURNING OFF?

    When the specialist reset your dash ECU they would have had enter all of the region specific settings... Sounds like they entered a few of the settings differently to how it was previously set up
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    You Tube Car Channels in Lockdown

    This is a positive thread... Not Do not cycle, jog, breath, walk, drive, stay in your house, leave your house, work, watch TV, eat, drink, excrete or exist in general Welcome to the final week of January in 2021 :p
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    Are we all ready...

    Meh. I have spent more time upgrading my mountain bike as all I am doing in my free time is laps around the local woods. Last thing I did was replace the handbrake lever on the 4200 as the ratchet had worn. Still have a few things to do on it but not in a hurry.
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    Daytona 24HR

    Dammit I am clearly wishing the month away
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    Daytona 24HR

    In need of a motorsport fix and I remembered it is the Daytona 24 this weekend Does anyone know how to watch it live... Will there be a live stream on YouTube... Or Eurosport?
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    The Influenzo

    That guy was briefly on this forum when he purchased the grey GS from a forumer and kept it for 6 months before shifting on. He said a 996 911 carrera was a better allrounder than the GS... Different strokes for different folks eh...
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    2005 coupe at Car Wizard

    Correct Won't be long until you make more changes. Exhaust fettling can get addictive until you find the sweet spot... Or go too far and have to start putting stock bits back on lol
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    The Road to Le Mans 2021
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    LED Interior lights upgrade - do it

    I used these... IMO it is important to use warm white in order to maintain originality. These older cars do not look right with cool white LEDs in them IIRC 39mm was the correct size but definitely double check...
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    Talking of Decals

    Without With decals Adds 10bhp per stripe
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    Brake Discs Spyder ‘02.

    GLWS Caldy
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    New moderators appointed

    Cool I have a suggestion for the new management - The sticky threads in some of the subforums have massively fallen from relevance and could use a tidy up... For example the failed disc brake group buy from 2015 in the 3200/4200 section does not need to be at the top, right...
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    2021 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    I am in again - why not Last year was a bust until August until I had to do a site visit and put on my work cloths for the first time since March to find that nothing fit around my waist. This motivated me to start seeing my wifes PT who really whipped me into shape in the last three months of...
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    Porsche Panamera Maserati QP VI or Lavente - daily driver challenge

    Visited Sytner Nottingham on Christmas Eve for a test drive of the dark blue D5 Biturbo with 40k miles Struck a deal, left a deposit, it will be ready in a couple of weeks after the appropriate prep work incliduding adding a full set of Alpina decals which my wife insisted on believe it or not...
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    New stable mate

    Looks good. Is it a Christmas for yourself?
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    Car crowd funding

    They have a stand at the Festival Centre in Basingstoke. I was chatting to the guy there and he said they recently purchased a Maserati Coupe GT (manual 4200) with low mileage that they are going to be putting up on their site.
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    4200 spyder rear light conversion ?

    It is your car so do what you want with it - just make sure it can be put back to stock with relative ease so you do not devalue it too much I do wonder why you would buy a car in the first place if you find the tail lights so offensive that you need to do that to it... but each to their own!
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    4200 spyder rear light conversion ?

    If you are going to all this effort then why not install 3200 lights? At least it is semi original
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    Now I see where the car world is going (and Porsche was right)

    A. Ok I get that guess I'm lucky that Mrs Fifty is not in that majority B. People want to make it worse by driving heavy SUVs over them making the roads crumble faster? The tolerances on these cars are not much greater than the equivalent hatch/saloon/estate which means the suspension wears...