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    Daytona 24HR

    In need of a motorsport fix and I remembered it is the Daytona 24 this weekend Does anyone know how to watch it live... Will there be a live stream on YouTube... Or Eurosport?
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    Porsche Panamera Maserati QP VI or Lavente - daily driver challenge

    I have a budget of £30k to £35k-ish to spend on a new diesel daily to replace my 2010 Mercedes CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition - it has been a great car but it is getting a little long in the tooth and we are looking to upgrade Initially we looked at the next generation facelifted CLS from 2014 but...
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    JayEmm on Cars does 4200 Manual

    MY02 Classico with GS boxes - belong to anyone on here?
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    4200 Coupe "Trofeo" on Car Trek Season 2!

  5. FIFTY

    Some Love for the QPV from Car Wizard

  6. FIFTY

    Doug Demouro does 4200 Manual

  7. FIFTY

    Help needed - used lower rear control arms

    Does anyone have a pair of used rear control arms that they do not want? I ask as my car is having the FD track rod ends removed and swapped back to stock but the adjuster bolt has stripped its thread while the other is seized solid Happy to pay monies for either the entire control arm or more...
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    Power Steering leak from failed union

    Hello good people I have a very annoying power steering leak. I won't go into the history as it is very frustrating (repaired twice but continues to leak by a garage I once used but no longer)... what I need from the collective is some help deciphering the part numbers for some new unions The...
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    BMW Supra

    I have been watching some of the YouTube reviews on the new "Toyota" Supra (BMW Z4) and I feel as though it is a total cop out marketing exercise. It seems to me that it's basically an attempt to sell more BMW Z4 Coupe's (Aka The Shoe) with a Toyota badge twinned with an iconic model name...
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    Brands Hatch Festival Italia Sunday 18th August 2019

    I have reserved 25 places for Sports Maserati at 2019's Festival Italia at Brands Hatch To register you need to go through the MSV website using the following link Sunday 18th August 2019 Info on website: As a forum we have...
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    FiFTY's Manual 4200 Build

    Hey all, I was recalling previous forum experiences and thought it would be fun to create a "build" thread on my Model Year 2003 Maserati Coupe 4.2 GT in 6 speed manual guise (4200 as we all know it). OK this thread is three years late so perhaps you can consider it a detailed three year...
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    Front number plate holder

    Has anyone found a better solution than the mangled metal frame that comes with the car? A rivet has popped out on the left hand side on my car I have tried replacing the rivet but it continues to pop out (might need an oversized one) FD have an aftermarket solution that screws into the towing...
  13. FIFTY

    CEL from high flow cats

    I am fed up of staring at the CEL light or resetting it all of the time especially after 2 weeks on the road non-stop with it beaming at me so I have decided to do something about it I have a primary cat delete and the secondaries are only 100 cell each - apparently if the fabricator used 200...
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    Lumbar support

    The passenger seat in my 4200 has a busted lumbar support. I can hear the motor working away when I push the switch to raise or lower it however the lumbar support does not push out of the seat into ones back. Slightly annoying! I have tried the reset procedure many times but it does not...
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    Alloys again

    Morning people I dropped my car off to a well renowned alloy wheel repair shop who have helped me out in the past - they are very good - so they should be in Guildford where the roads are crumbling into the pot holes. I was told by a garage that I may have a few buckles - one of which I can...
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    Welcome Autofficina

    Found out earlier today that Autofficina in Surrey have gone into liquidation. EDIT: this is incorrect, please read on...
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    Suspension fettling options

    I have noticed corrosion on my suspension springs particularly on the rears so I am thinking to change them and do some restoration work (rust removal) inside the wheel arches over autumn/winter/spring A set of new OEM springs is £315 from ES currently, the H&R lowering springs are £450 and the...
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    Front bumper bracket

    Not good news guys, seems like there is a bit of a design flaw with the main front bumper bracket where water pools under the polystyrene and the L shape part of the bracket which tucks underneath and eventually it rots spectacularly... the rust has spread onto the front accident brace. I have...
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    Cordless Impact Wrench - Worth it?

    I am tempted to buy a cordless impact wrench to add to my expanding tool box. Currently taking a wheel or two off per week, I intend to tackle some suspension work (ARB drop links and maybe springs if I can pluck up the courage) and also do some restoration work underneath the car by removing...
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    Maserati 4200 Water Radiator

    Hello forumers, on route to last nights ACE meet I noticed that my car was pushing past 90C on the temp gauge by just a hair and the fans were vibrating the car to try and cool the car down. I noticed it was worse with the AC on fully cold as the car would not cool down even when in motion at...