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  1. huesey1974

    Dreaded MOT day!!

    So after 5 weeks without even moving my GT today was the day. Glad to say she started without any fuss and passed with flying colours. No advisories and all is well. Really missed driving her and took her on a nice 50 mile journey back home. Was planning not to use her too much during winter but...
  2. huesey1974

    Treated her to a machine polish

    Hi, Treated her today to a machine polish and think it looks amazing, All the swirl and light scratches are gone which as many know are a black cars downfall. Had her 3 months now and put 2k miles on her, never missed a beat. Not going to lie it took a little while for me to get it!! Loved my...
  3. huesey1974

    Suspension and traction control lights

    Hi, was out for a drive today and had driven about 60 miles, parked up and went gor a walk along the beach. I came back and started the car, the traction light stayed on and i also had have the suspension checked and the little amber shock absorber was on the dash. I drove around 10 miles and...
  4. huesey1974

    Caliper refurb

    Hi, I decided to have a go at painting my faded calipers, i just had my rims refurbished and new centre caps. I felt the calipers let them down. Im happy how the turned out, not exactly perfect but look much better, i was worried last night as they didn’t look great after two coats but i put on...
  5. huesey1974

    Tyre sizes

    Hi, Apologies about another tyre threab but my search didn’t turn up what i was looking for, however if i missed it im sorry in advance. I have owned my 2011 GRANTURISMO for 1 week now and i love it, i decided to have my 20” trident alloys fully refurbished as they had a few scuffs and some...
  6. huesey1974

    BMC air filter for Granturismo.

    Hi, brand new £60 delivered. Thanks
  7. huesey1974

    My Granturismo

    Hi, Just wanted to update on day 3 of ownership. Have been over the car with a fine tooth comb, i bought without seeing although i had a ppi done. It was not very detailed though so was still a little worried. Anyway after it arrived on a trailer and wouldn’t start, slightly embarrassing as the...
  8. huesey1974

    Radio code after new battery.

    Hi, As I wait on my cars arrival im thinking of all the jobs im going to do, one is to fit a brand new battery. Do I need the code on a 2011 granturismo? thanks
  9. huesey1974

    Finally got one

    Hi, After a good few months I managed to get one, been looking at this particular one for a while but finally got s PPI done. It came back good although was very basic. However after a lengthy chat with the mechanic I decided i was happy to proceed. Still a little apprehensive as i prefer to...
  10. huesey1974

    Not sure about this one!

    I'm still on the hunt for a GT, Not sure about this one!! You would certainly be noticed though.
  11. huesey1974

    Maserati Granturismo

    Hi, A little bit about myself, i love my cars, had a few over the years, ive had mostly BMW’s, M5’s , 840ci to name a couple, also a few Mercedes Cl55 AMG , Porsche 996 911 C4. All older when purchased. 6 months ago i bought a stunning F10 M5 competition, I absolutely loved the car but a few...