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  1. Navcorr

    What ya listening to now ???

    Needs more bass? Featuring "every bass player in the known Universe":
  2. Navcorr

    What you drinking now?

    Very nice indeed. Have a bit of a thing for quality wooden flooring. A pal once sent me a photo of a large breasted pornstar sprawled out naked. Email was titled "Nice Floor" :smile:
  3. Navcorr

    Number Plates Thread

    Norks perhaps?
  4. Navcorr

    What you drinking now?

    Liking the flooring - nice long wide planks.
  5. Navcorr

    GranCab brakes

    Seems to be holding up fine on this one ... … ah, not that type of shed!
  6. Navcorr

    Servicing costs
  7. Navcorr

    RHD 90th Anniversary Spyder for sale

    Did you decide against recolouring?
  8. Navcorr

    4200 Radio & Satnav upgrade

    Greetings Tony - is this the link you found?
  9. Navcorr

    More carbon goodies

    Assuming these are a 1:1 carbon copy of Stindig's carbon paddles these may be of interests to 4200/GS bods. The fixing positions align perfectly with only a minor modification needed to the lower column shroud. The length of the paddles mean they sit directly behind the wheel - so not visible as...
  10. Navcorr

    The other birds thread

    She's possibly risking a muscle pull - clearly hasn't warmed up before exercise.
  11. Navcorr

    Stradale - Looks good value.

    Would there be potential for Graypaul to be conflicted? If so, perhaps Migliore would be a better bet - approx. 15 mins away.
  12. Navcorr

    RHD 90th Anniversary Spyder for sale

    The listing indicates so: "The car also incorporated a unique carbon fibre roof tonneau cover with attractive blue strands embedded into the weave, with a built in wind deflector and carbon-fibre rear roll-hoop fairings." Dependant on car colour perhaps? This Grigio looks decidedly black...
  13. Navcorr

    The Road to Le Mans 2021

    Bunch of sissies ….
  14. Navcorr

    2010 QP V sport GTS for sale

    No. Not that I wouldn't - it's a thing of joy to behold but not mine nonetheless.
  15. Navcorr

    I’m pressing pause...

    A favourite film. Once bought some flooring supplies from a chap who also had a "load" of original film stills. He had worked at Elstree at must've had 1000s - wish I'd bought the lot tbh.
  16. Navcorr

    My Biennial Servicing Question

    Duplication is inefficient - one button for all eventualities should suffice :smile: Call it the 'FU' button. Besides - I don't think he got it!
  17. Navcorr

    My Biennial Servicing Question

  18. Navcorr

    My Biennial Servicing Question

    You've missed the sarcasm of my comment ;)
  19. Navcorr

    My Biennial Servicing Question

    When Autofficina are on the OP's doorstep why take unnecessary risks travelling?