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    Home style solutions to brakes and parking brake on 2013 Gran Tourismo

    Bought a 2013 Grantourismo and it had the " Go to dealer and bring life savings" light on the dash board. Needed brake pads, rotors and the park brake was not working. Removed the rotors and turned them on my lathe- a lot of experts said that's a no-no, but the key is the center hub which is...
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    Anyone know if those plastic levers to release the seat back on the Gran Tourismo come from another type of car, or is there a better quality replacement.
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    Hi- guys on a prior thread I asked about my no-crank situation- was convinced it was an electronic issue. However, went back to old school thinking and jacked the car up, and found I was getting power to the solenoid in the key-crank position. Gave the starter a whack with a hammer and it...
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    AAAARGH- No crank

    My 2013 MC coupe was running fine- just working on the electronic park brake- The battery that was in the car was a non original one and too small, so I bought a new one of the correct size and spec. Put it in and the car started and ran fine. Shut it off and next time I tried to start it, it...
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    2013 Gran Tourismo electronic parking brake

    Just getting things sorted out on brakes- EPB is not working- looks like it was stuck in the on position at one time and someone just backed the adjusters off- I don't see any action when you go into park or neutral, and the EPB OFF button doesn't seem to do anything. it has the standard "go to...
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    First Maserati since my 1970 Ghibli

    Just bought a 2013 Gran Tourismo MC- did the the sticky button fix with makeup wipes, now putting new brakes all around. Got the parking brake warning light and a tire pressure light to work on.