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    4200 Spyder Wind Deflector

    In case any Spyder owner's are looking for a wind deflector a chap in the US has a few for sale: I bought mine from Mike and he's a good guy to deal with.
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    Brad Pitt Of The Day

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    Garage Shelving

    Afternoon Gents, Feel a bit of a burke posting this. Had a shelving collapse in the garage last night. Shelving is supported by large brackets which are/was securely fixed. Or so I thought. Fixed to brick the shelf in question has been in place for years and no additional weight has been...
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    Something Odd?

    This Spyder is back up for sale - at auction. No mention of mileage but a Gov. reg. check on HX53MZT indicates 47K. When I saw this car 2 years ago, as per a previous advert, it had 99K. Which tallied with a reg. check at the time. It was re-advertised again last August at 103K. So, even if...
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    4200 Spyder Gear Change Cables

    As above, anyone looking for replacements? It's not my auction by the way :smile:
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    GSF Car Parts - eBay.

    Maybe of interest - GSF Car Parts are included in eBay's 20% reduction until 9th Nov. Min. spend £20 with a max. discount of £80. Appears to be across the board. Enter PAYME20 at checkout.
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    4200 Spyder - Seems Expensive. Saw this car over a year ago in Wales. One of the original adds: The price...
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    Found out today that Gliptone are to cease trading at the end of August. With last orders being taken by them on the 3rd August.
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    One Down …... With due regard to previous threads that got a little feisty :)
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    Another DeMuro Masterpiece
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    Those Krazy Krauts
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    Carbon Fibre Paddles 4200/GS

    Greetings, If these: are of interest to anyone am happy to pick-up & post on. In the area for a week or so.
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    Clean Air.

    Maybe of interest to some:
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    Like A Virgin ....

    .... Maser'd for the very first time. Who remembers their very first ...err ...umm ride in a Maserati? Where & with whom did you break your Maser cherry? My first experience was on the back seats of a rather smart Ghibli in '98. Thankfully, the owner and his son were in the front ;)...
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    Wheels - Of The Steering Variety

    Good afternoon gentlemen, Does anyone know if it is possible to fit a GT steering wheel to a 4200. Anyone tried or is it a definite no no? Had a look through the forum but can't find anything specific. Thanks in advance.
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    Top 3 Lists - Anything & Everything.

    Bond Girls - Izabella Scorupco, Daniela Bianchi & Halle Berry. Films - Fletch, Goodfellas & Pulp Fiction.