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  1. lozcb

    Preferred media outlet

    Just wondered where everyone gets their up to date news from now days, if you check the net it trashes the beeb, last 5 years I've tended to not read any of it ...always reverting to the tin foil hat if I'm needing some factual truth ,
  2. lozcb

    2 Astons for the price of 1 Cant say i have come across one as bad as this before , looked a right colourful beastie pre accident , looks like it was held together with superglue lol
  3. lozcb

    White powder La Ferrari and Koenigsegg

    Fezza versus Koenigsegg i think one if the cars has an addiction to a certain white powder as its nose is as high as a kite
  4. lozcb

    Favourite chat radio station

    Having turned into the typical old fart type found myself over the years enjoying more and more chat radio shows that bring with them both left and right views and current news topics , whats your favourite and likes and dislikes My daily routine probably quite obviously consists of # 7-10...
  5. lozcb

    stock piling food remaining

    Just wondered how much food or toilet rolls you have left remaining in store fom the Covid panic buying , sad i know but today i can announce we have completely rotated our freezer and have absolutely nothing left from the initial panic buy
  6. lozcb

    New gas meter connection

    Hi Guys , just doing some brain picking , was up to scratch with this kind of malaki 20 years ago , but like all things systems change , looked at a property at the weekend , a quiet close full of bungalows , viewed a nice large corner plot at the very end of the close with oil fired central...
  7. lozcb

    Gransport rear boot spoiler (Carbon Fibre)

    Just to save me trawling , anyone know a ready source of have for sale a carbon fibre ear boot spoiler , please gents
  8. lozcb

    Easier Insurance Claims

    Been a long while since i have made any type of claim , yesterday whilst parked in the Range carpark MK a Ms Marple type misjudged the parking space and caught the bumper of the SLK whilst we were inside getting some plants and a garden hose , ironically and fortunately bang in front of the CCTV...
  9. lozcb

    Pipe and slippes project

    Spied this today , interesting project , would be ideal for me but i need to get Africa sorted and retirement move out the way first ...........................if only it would be avaailable come November
  10. lozcb

    Are we a healthy lot

    Seems to me most on here are generally a healthy bunch , just wondered how many of you have deliberately not bothered to attend to certain ailments either (a) because of the fear of catching something or (b) fear of adding to an NHS overload , Personally i want to go for a geneal health check...
  11. lozcb

    Is it time to go backwards

    I think its a shame the last 30 years has seen the demise of the car accessory shops ( not your Halfords shiiite ) there used to be some really good ones , i think the reason being Manufacturers started specking some cars a bit different from the norm , hence our lethargic younger generations...
  12. lozcb

    Italian Design at its best A lovely tale

    Must watch for the old farts and enthusiasts , a rich persian friend of mine in the early 70's had both the Grifo and the Lele , such a well put together video with awesome sounds
  13. lozcb

    Mille Miglia

    Anybody out there know intermately the rules regarding entry and registration Just wondered whether this foots the bill Cheap project and an inexpensive means i think of partaking in one of the most exciting of all Italian events
  14. lozcb

    Prime example insurance companies bending the rules

    Prime example of insurance companies bending the rules to suit themselves no cat applied
  15. lozcb

    Scottish Politics/current affairs

    Interested to gather some views of the whole Scottish referendum thing and general current affairs re the Alec Salmond scandal , was away when most of it was kicking off last year , whats the crack frommyour point of view .............
  16. lozcb

    458 maybe one for Ian W

    Pretty 2010 458 Fezza Cat S clean pre accident condition relatively minor rear end ................................................................................................13 days to go ,
  17. lozcb

    Car Competitions

    Just wondered whether any of you guys here enter any win a car competitions either as a 1 of , or on a regular basis , an old once very close friend friend of mine did a few years back ( the porsche key ring tapper) eventually it paid off for him seriously .............any past winners here...
  18. lozcb

    Blood pressure

    Like you do .............heard a topic on the radio this morning regarding a chap going into hospital overnight due to extemely high blood pressure , excess of 200 something plus over whatever , long story short they fixed him admirably and he had nothing but praise for the NHS , ive never...
  19. lozcb

    Share your favourite moving tracks

    Too much time on my hands , and listened to a few of my old favourite meaningfull tracks this afternoon , tracks that took me back to that special moment in time , very memory lane , what are yours
  20. lozcb

    Favourite Comedians , who float you boat and who you detest

    Just wondering if your taste in comedians says a little about your character , whether you take life lightly or are you a sourpuss bore My recent comedian fave is Mickey Flanningan with the great Peter Kay from the early 90's