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  1. GeoffCapes

    Bianco Fuji Strad

    Pricey. But very nice.
  2. GeoffCapes

    150k Motor of your choice

    Just been having a WhatsApp chat with a group of mates where the question was. If you had £150,000 to spend on one car as a toy. What would you buy? The variety was huge as it misses the hypercars and a number of supercars. Astons and Ferrari’s featured high but there were also Bentleys and...
  3. GeoffCapes

    European Super League

    The biggest story in football for years and years. Kick them out of the Premier League, and football league, ban the players from playing in internationals, so they can't play in the European Championships and World Cups. Don't watch the games, don't subscribe to the tv channels. This is pure...
  4. GeoffCapes

    David Beckham and Maserati

    Looks like the advertising budget has been increased.
  5. GeoffCapes

    Another 2 Seater Strad for sale.

    Just up the road from me...
  6. GeoffCapes

    Escrow Accounts

    Does anyone here use escrow accounts? And do they have any recommendations? I bank with Santander and escrow accounts are only available for Amercian customers! (useful!)
  7. GeoffCapes

    Cheapest 4.7S QP I've seen in a while It's done some miles but looks lovely!
  8. GeoffCapes

    Warning for anyone buying a GranCabrio

    Just seen this on a Dodgy Cars page on Facebook.
  9. GeoffCapes

    The new Alfieri err Ferrari Roma gets a good review!

    What could have been.....
  10. GeoffCapes

    Sports Maserati Street Who’s in?
  11. GeoffCapes

    Is it possible for a workhorse & toy to be the same car?

    The Corona Virus pandemic has made us all change the way we do things (particularly as it's not over yet). Instead of meetings we're having Zoom calls, Skype calls and WhatsApp calls. Since the end of March my work mileage has been precisely zero. Although that's to be expected with the...
  12. GeoffCapes

    Have GS prices Crashed?

    Just looking on Autotrader (like you do) and have noticed prices of GS’s and GT’s falling but saw this late low mileage GS for almost silly money. Is there something wrong with it that I’ve missed or have prices crashed?
  13. GeoffCapes

    3200 GTA at H&H Auctions

    Just watching H&H Car Auction on line, just had a 3200GTA that didn't meet it's reserve. Looks decent as well.
  14. GeoffCapes

    This is in good nick for 104,000 miler! Wasn't it owned by someone on here?
  15. GeoffCapes

    BMW 6 Series

    As I have far too much time on my hands at the moment I'm thinking about my next work horse. Even though I don't like BMW's, I actually quite fancy a BMW 640i Diesel. Probably around the 2013-14-15 vintage. Anyone had one? Thought?
  16. GeoffCapes

    The Maserati Feeling.

    We all know what it is. And it’s more contagious than the Corona Virus! Joseph now has it! :cool::cool::cool:
  17. GeoffCapes

    15 Grand Gransport

    First one I’ve seen that not a Cat car for only 15k. I just found a great car on Auto Trader:
  18. GeoffCapes

    Business Partnerships

    Just wanting to pick the brains of those in business with someone else. I have two businesses, one which I have run solely for over 8 years and another which I have with another guy, which we have had for coming up to 3 years. I've just done a bit of an audit on the expenses for the company...
  19. GeoffCapes

    75-80k to spend on a toy

    So, was chatting with a mate of mine earlier and it turns out his nan has left him and his brother and sister a big lump of money. None of them thought she had a penny. Turns out instead of putting her money in a pension, she played the stock market and was very good at it. He has decided he...
  20. GeoffCapes


    I’ve been looking at what to get for a new workhorse and stumbled across the Infinity Q50 3.5H. Effectively being a hybrid it does similar mpg as a diesel so it ticks that box. But I notice it has 359bhp! Which is a big box ticker! Anyone got any experience of them?