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  1. Trev Latter

    Best driving roads in Wales.

    As the title says really. I'm off to Wales week after next for a spot of touring around with Toni. We're starting off staying near Betws-y-coed for a few days, then heading down to Tal-y-llyn for a few days and finally just north of Barry before driving home. Any must do's or don't go near's...
  2. Trev Latter

    The extremes people go to to buy a 3200

    The bank lent me $2m so I spent it on strippers and cars
  3. Trev Latter

    Gable insurance in Liquidation

    Just giving you guys the heads up in case you're insured with a policy underwritten by Gable.
  4. Trev Latter

    Little winter project - Mancave updates and the MG TF

    I've been meaning to knock through the two single garages for a while now and finally got my backside into gear and got on with it. It's only a temporary solution, as i'm planning on knocking the whole lot down to start again in a year or two (once I've fully recovered from installing a new...
  5. Trev Latter

    Corton Classic Car show 22 May

    Slightly short notice as it's next weekend, but if anyone fancies popping along for the day (10-4), it's our village car show in aid of GOSH. The first show was last year and there were around 200 cars and bikes on display, ranging from Minis to Astons. I'll be there in my 3200 and most likely...
  6. Trev Latter

    Worst ad ever for a 4200

    I think I'll pass, thanks. Linky
  7. Trev Latter

    It's all coming together...a few upgrades

    Time for a few upgrades. As you know, I've had a few intermittent knock sensor issues over the last few weeks, so as I'm taking it all apart and draining the coolant, it's a good time to build in some reliability. I have a small heap of bits to fit now, so the plan is to start this weekend...
  8. Trev Latter

    MOT time

    It's that time of year again...and it passed without any advisories and all looking good underneath. Whoop whoop! :happy2:
  9. Trev Latter

    Christopher Ward sale now on

    Christopher Ward sale now on..with added Whisky Just started here I know a few of you like their watches, so go grab a bargain. Some are at 50% off.
  10. Trev Latter

    Discovery turbo today 11am - 3200GT

    I'm guessing most of us have seen it already, but it's being shown again today.
  11. Trev Latter

    Levante spotted - spy pics

    Stumbled across this article on the Autocar site this morning.
  12. Trev Latter

    Aldi battery charger Thurs 22/10

    In their offers for tomorrow if anyone wants/needs one for laying their car up over winter.
  13. Trev Latter

    Best looking cars of the 90's

    ...and the 3200 is on slide no18.
  14. Trev Latter

    Anyone had a V50 T5 R Design?

    Going to have a look at one tomorrow and just wondered if anyone has had one?
  15. Trev Latter

    How it's made Alfa 4c today 3pm Discovery Turbo

    In case you good fellows want to set to record. Followed at 3:30pm by the Pagani Huara.
  16. Trev Latter

    Congratulations Hoyin

    ...on the birth of your daughter. Hope there aren't too many sleepless nights ahead. Just saw your post in the Ride4Ryan thread and rather than go off topic thought I'd post here.
  17. Trev Latter

    Anyone seen these coupe pics before?

    ...or know anything about them. Page here...
  18. Trev Latter

    Project Binky

    Great series of videos by some guys shoe-horning a Toyota Celica GT4's running gear into a Mini shell. They're up to episode 10 now, but here's the first one... Enjoy. It does get quite interesting in the later episodes and there's some nice...
  19. Trev Latter

    Found a warm spot

    Blinking cats! This one isn't even one of ours. I'd been out for a spin earlier, so I guess he wanted to sit in the warm spot by the bonnet vent. He got moved off rather quickly. One of the funniest things I've ever seen was when our long haired monster tried to jump onto the boot lid...
  20. Trev Latter

    I know 3200 prices are creeping up, but really?

    Optimistic methinks.