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  1. Rwc13

    What ya listening to now ???

    Anybody here a fan of Imogen Heap? Just been introduced to her 2006 album Speak for Yourself and it’s really blown me away. Just starting to dig into her other albums
  2. Rwc13

    Indy values?

    There is no known cure!
  3. Rwc13

    What happened to my paint?

    Great result!
  4. Rwc13

    Motorway Mile Munchers

    Would be a rather nice place to do the miles you need to do
  5. Rwc13

    Any experiences moving from GTS to F430?

    I’ve had several GTS and a F430 Spyder and love both, but the F430 will comfortably outperform a GTS on any road. For me there are better looking mid-engines Ferraris, but it remains a **** of a car for the money that still has that analogue feel that disappeared with the 458.
  6. Rwc13

    8c - Harry’s Garage review - Sound and,,, how much??

    I think lovely from the front, but the back looks a bit to high for me, particularly when following it. Wasn’t the chassis actually a chopped down 4200 rather than GTS chassis?
  7. Rwc13

    Sub £60k Ferrari?

    I’ve wanted a 308 GT4 since I saw a yellow one on a forecourt when I was about 12. I’ve always loved wedge shaped cars with pop-ups, hence my love affair with the Lotus Esprit, but a wedge Ferrari with two useable back seats, what’s not to like? Like you, feel I may have missed the boat now...
  8. Rwc13

    Hibernation time - Gratuitous photos

    The JPS S2 Esprit is lovely. I restored one about 10 year ago. Desperately trying to think what number it was. This was it at the NEC Classic
  9. Rwc13

    Motorway Mile Munchers

    Yep got the Autobiogrpahy too, really just for those seats
  10. Rwc13

    Pamela Fisher

    So sad to hear this news. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. Rwc13

    Motorway Mile Munchers

    Very nice Ewan. How does the hybrid drive? I’ve just picked up this TDV8 in blue on the advice of my spinal surgeon. Just had two more lumbar discs decompressed yesterday - more than a little sore at the moment. Two weeks or so before I can drive again
  12. Rwc13

    Watch Lovers Thoughts Please....

    Not true - avoidance is doing something that reduces your tax liability but is legal within the letter if not the spirit of the tax rules - evasion is doing something that illegally results in a reduction in tax. Knowingly declaring a lower value on importation is deliberate tax evasion and in...
  13. Rwc13

    Motorway Mile Munchers

    I’ve had a few friends say that, try one, and change their minds. The high/upright seating position and chair shape/adaptability also very good for people with lower back/pelvic problems. TDV8 will do 30mpg on a run
  14. Rwc13

    Motorway Mile Munchers

    Previous generation Range Rover?
  15. Rwc13

    lhd Maserati Gransport

    Thanks Keith. Yep, there’s a Maserati MD in both Lisbon and Seville, but not sure I’d trust either with an older car like my GS Spyder
  16. Rwc13

    Love this QP Sport GT

    Period cars look best in period colours for me. I wouldn’t buy a brown GTS, but a brown 400i (I think I recall seeing one) .....yes
  17. Rwc13

    Fulvia 1600 HF

    Me too, cars where you can explore the limits at much lower speeds have to be the way forwards in the face of the environmental and anti-speed lobbies
  18. Rwc13

    Fulvia 1600 HF

    That is lovely Andy
  19. Rwc13

    Ghibli anyone?

    I think the Ghibli and QPVI look better and better as they mature, and stand out as special looks-wise compared to everything else in their respective classes
  20. Rwc13

    lhd Maserati Gransport

    Thanks for the info Keith, probably a bit too far from Faro. Was hoping you might use somebody more to the West