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  1. UlstermanAbroad

    Upcoming Coys Parts Auction

    Tripped over this just now. Might be useful to someone here. Coys Parts Auction
  2. UlstermanAbroad

    Beware - Potential Granturismo purchasers.

    Simple FYI to anyone browsing eBay currently. A person in Gillingham has a 2008 blue Granturismo 4.2 for sale. eBay account ID is russevans. In his listing, he's listed the last service carried out by The Workshop, Buntingford. This is the same business that used to be called F1 Cars, amongst...
  3. UlstermanAbroad

    One for David Attenborough?

    "Deep in the wilds of SE1. We find this elderly example. Abandoned by its tribe. Waiting to go to that big showroom in the sky." Forget barn finds. This is a ....... bush find?
  4. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo Spyder project question. Number 1. ;)

    Hi Guys So, after a winter break, am finally getting to grips with both of my project cars. With a dead battery and bonnet release in the passenger footwell which appears to be broken, any suggestions on how I access the engine bay, without resorting to a tin opener? Any ideas very...
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    Another ravishing beauty.......eye protection advised!
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    Biturbo Spyder

    If anyone has or knows of a late model Biturbo Spyder that may be for sale, I'd be interested in receiving specifics. I'd prefer RHD, but will consider LHD. Low miles, FSH. I'd consider a project car, providing there's little left to do. No particular urgency. I have one project car to make...
  7. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati specialist near Lincoln?

    Hi Guys Done a deal on a Biturbo Spyder near Lincoln but a bit stuck on where to get the PPI done. Any ideas? Anyone know a specialist in the area, or a garage that's experienced with Biturbos? Cheers guys :)
  8. UlstermanAbroad

    Where to source a specialist inspection, for a car in Thetford.

    Hi Guys I've done a deal, subject to inspection, on a Biturbo Spyder in the Thetford area. Is McGrath Maserati the closest, reputable specialist, or would you be able to recommend someone closer? If there's only a few miles in it, I'll stick with McGrath, as they've been of help...
  9. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati 4200 Black WX55BAU on eBay Anyone know anything about this car.

    Hi Guys This car is on eBay. Current bidding at £6,400 with twenty two hours to go. Sorry. No link, cause I'm on a tablet. Seller is CarsWithNoReserveReading whose reputation I'm very familiar with. To be honest, it's unlikely I'll take a punt on this car, but I am curious about its...
  10. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati feature on tonight's Top Gear

    This is the first time that I've tuned into ersatz Top Gear in ages, however and surprisingly, this episode featured a rather exceptional looking Maserati! Check out the iPlayer for your viewing pleasure! :lol2:
  11. UlstermanAbroad


    My biturbo's battery has died and I can't find the bonnet release under the bonnet. Can anyone help? Just bought this project car. Been Googling for an hour and none the wiser. Pulled the release lever in the passenger footwell and the bonnet popped up several inches. Can't get further...
  12. UlstermanAbroad

    Temporary Insurance - Provider recomendations?

    Hi Guys Picking up a Biturbo Spyder in Manchester tomorrow and ringing around to arrange temporary cover of a day or two. Just enough time to drive the car back and put it in storage. I've searched here, but the only thread I could find was a few years old and didn't mention any...
  13. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati Biturbo Spyder for sale on Autotrader

    Hi Guys Saw this last night. Wondering if anyone has tripped over this car or has any useful info. Am a tad cautious, as the seller is an unknown. Cheers :)...
  14. UlstermanAbroad

    Today I was asked...........

    You don't see Granturismos in this neck of the woods very often and the car often attracts comments and questions of all kinds. The odd time there are questions here from prospective owners, wondering what kinds of reactions to expect. So, I thought a thread of questions we've been asked or...
  15. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo 222e

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone knows this car or its owner, Colin Barratt. Offer placed and accepted, based on McGrath history. Plan would be to store it long term. Cheers :)...
  16. UlstermanAbroad

    Jodie Kidd's Ghibli

    Just an FYI guys. I may be bidding on this. Depending on where the bidding goes. If another forum member decides to bid, please PM me, so we're not getting tangled up. Cheers :hammer2...
  17. UlstermanAbroad

    Confused by GT gearbox oil change.

    Hi Guys Bit of advice would be very gratefully received. Intending to change the gearbox oil, filter etc. which is the last part of the major service and respray that the car was due when I bought it. Am using a trusted local indy for servicing. I read somewhere that one oil lubricates...
  18. UlstermanAbroad

    Doug De Muro's thoughts on the QP V

    Enjoy :rofl5:
  19. UlstermanAbroad

    Help! Question about transmission servicing and parts required.

    Hi Guys Hoping to tap into your collective expertise. Have Googled the issue, with no result. I'm getting the transmission fluid and filter changed on my '08 GT. However, I'm not 100% sure of the exact parts that I need to order from Eurospares. I'm guessing that the correct parts are...
  20. UlstermanAbroad

    Is it possible to find out what damage caused a vehicle to be written off as Cat C/D

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a new daily driver and have tripped over a good looking TT roadster. Its Cat D and the seller claims that this came about because of a vandal cutting the hood. The seller has fixed the hood and the price / spec / mileage etc is right. However, when the seller...