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  1. Nayf

    Has anyone owned their car from new, or know all the owners?

    I've a new writing project separate to Strada I'm working on ( for Classic Cars magazine). I'm looking for cars between 1975 and 2005/6 for this, and not necessarily just Maseratis – all are welcome. I'd like to tell the story of a car across its life right up to the present day. The high...
  2. Nayf

    599 GTO Tailor Made – in a familiar Ghibli Cup Colour. Yes, yes and yes again.
  3. Nayf

    QPV 4.7 S with remap on The Market

    86,000 miles, £13k-17k. Just how far off a suspension refresh would one be? Miles in themselves wouldn’t worry me too much. A full underside refresh would...
  4. Nayf

    Prototype 037 'Chassis SE037-001 undertook extensive testing duties both on track and in the wind tunnel following its completion, and was driven extensively by the likes of Markku Alen, Adartico...
  5. Nayf

    Strada Magazine needs a GranSport LE

    Hello all, as Issue One is being printed as I type this, Issue Two is full steam ahead. I'm looking for a blue med or red Maserati GranSport, ideally an LE. Ideally someone who lives close to (or willing to drive to and from in a day) Blakey Ridge in the North York Moors. I'm afraid it has to...
  6. Nayf

    OOF (manual 599)

    I love this. LHD wouldn't bother me (European touring), neither would the mileage. It is a lot of money for an extra pedal, but still...
  7. Nayf

    Real rarity here – 2.8-litre Ghibli Cup

    Most of them were 2.0-litres – which I'd prefer to own – but this looks to be in exquisite condition.
  8. Nayf

    Maserati Scia de Persia

    Tried a search for this as it's come up before, but it's up for sale. An acquired taste, but I like it. Not as much as I like the design of the car it's based on, mind.
  9. Nayf

    Sir Elton John's QPV

    I occasionally get an email from a broker – so this car has nothing to do with me – but Elton John's QPV is available. Funny, never saw him as a Maserati chap, more of a LCC Rocket man (/dies) . If that doesn't work...
  10. Nayf

    Maserati 2.24v at BonhamsMPH Estimate of 10k ish. It's a lefty, but it's a manual. Anyway, the pictures don't show it at its best, and I'm not a huge fan of the extra-shiny grille parts. But then you get to the 'aftermarket' instruments... anyway thought it might...
  11. Nayf

    Something to read in January...

  12. Nayf

    CAR Magazine needs a Levante owner

    Hello all, CAR magazine is looking for a Levante owner for some ownership realities
  13. Nayf

    The black 288 GTO is for sale

    It appeared in Modern Classics a while back. I don't tend to lust over telephone number cars (as in the value) with two exceptions. The blue MC12 Corsa that was converted for the road, and this particular...
  14. Nayf

    Project Rekall – Shamal/Ghibli restomod

    I rather like this. Less keen on the idea of Ghiblis being chopped up for it, and I doubt it'll reach fruition... Still, looks rather cool.
  15. Nayf

    A new magazine - Strada

    Hello all. Hope this is ok, but here goes - I’m the editor of a new magazine dedicated to 80s, 90s and 00s magazine. It’s a glossy printed magazine that’s to be published quarterly, beginning in Q1. You’ll be able to order it online for home delivery (wherever you are in the world). More to come...
  16. Nayf

    Interestingly spec'd Racing

    I thought these only came in black or red. And is the interior wrong, too?
  17. Nayf

    The 56k-mile big service... what’s involved?

    Hello gents. A friend of mine has taken an interest in this - I just wondered what the 56k service included, and what and when the next big scheduled bill might be?
  18. Nayf

    A rather interesting Lancia Fulvia...
  19. Nayf

    Possibly the most glorious sound you’ll hear this afternoon

    Alfa Romeo SZ with an Alfa Aid exhaust...
  20. Nayf

    Reasonably priced Ghibli Cup

    It is LHD though. Interestingly coloured GT too...