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    Wanted - set of 19” or 20” alloys for ghibli

    Looking to upgrade from the standard 18” wheels. All models, colours, condition considered.
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    Ride height suspension assistance please

    Hi all, Is anyone able to tell me what the ride height is on their ghibli please? Wheel size and gap between top of wheel and bottom of arch or at a specific reference point underneath to the floor. I’m not happy with the roll and the amount of times the car bottoms out at the front and middle...
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    Pedal x or race chip XLR gizmo’s

    Anyone played with one of these devices? Thought I’d fit one to the ghibli and see whether it’s any good or just a gimmick.
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    sports pedals fitted, but what brake pads to fit?

    Hi all, Managed to get a set of pedals from Dave’s parts sale. The accelerator and brake were easy enough. In fact I think it’s the best designed sports pedal I’ve seen especially as there is no drilling required. Cant say the same about the footrest, what an absolute nightmare!! Lots of...
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    2016 Ghibli wood effect centre console

    Used but in great condition. I bought it to go on my car not realising that there was an interior update and so the gearstick control panel doesn’t fit. only mark I can find on it is this which I think would be covered by the gear-lever surround?? Looking for £50 + postage
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    Can you retrofit heated seats???

    Hi all, Anyone know if this is possible, or am I better off just talking to a main dealer? It’s not a major issue if it’s not a go’er, just thought it would be a nice touch. cheers chris
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    Aux and alternator belt change

    No record of the belts or spark plugs being changed in the cars service history and after being quoted between £950 and £1300 to get them done by a specialist I decided to give it a go myself. Got the 2 belts and a set of spark plugs from eurospares for £158 and bought a neat little tool...
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    Finally I have my first maserati!!!

    Hi all, Having coveted a maserati since I test drove a 3200 back in 2006, I have lusted after the 3200, 4200, QP, Granturismo (gorgeous car) and Ghibli, all in turn depending on my domestic situation and what I thought I could get away with. I even toyed (more than once) with the idea of...
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    Ghibli - rear heater vents removal

    Had to change the rear heater vents as the tabs protruding out of the grills had broken. Couldn't find anything on line or on the forum about how to do this so thought I’d post a quick guide in case it’s helpful for anyone else. Use a small flat blades screwdriver to prize out either the...