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    Mcv #1 of 180 for sale in NSW

    Well, in fact, the car presented in Genova was numbered 000/180. It was for sale 2 years ago in Germany (around 85k€ if I remember well).
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    Gransport Rear Control Arm Ball joint advice

    I have fitted BMW telelever dust boots without difficulty on a gransport (same as 3200GT and 4200gt). They have the same dimension and are a little bit softer than the maserati ones, so easier to put in place. And cheap.
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    Garage Lifts (Ramps)

    The scissor lift comes with wheels to move it (easy as long as you have a good floor). I'm not in UK, I bought it at auction in NL (good deal, 1150€ + fees) . But do a search for "mobile scissor lift" or "mid rise scissor lift". You should expect about 1500gbp and more for a new one I think...
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    Garage Lifts (Ramps)

    Just bought this last week, why didn't I do it before? The mcv is able to go on the ramps without any modification/piece of wood, and the car i up in the air in no time. You can let it there and park the car on it. It takes less than 2 minutes to open the garage, put the car on the lift...
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    3200GT cuts out when throttle pushed hard... but re-sets fault with ignition off (for a few minutes)

    The knock sensor will give an error code. It was my first thought, but as you can give the car full throttle in the 5 first minutes of drive, it can't be a knock issue. It can't be a plumbing problem too. I suppose the ECU is set up to ignore the data coming from one of the sensor during the...
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    Fill plug location 2004 Cambiocorsa F1 transmission

    I did a tutorial here : It's in french, but there should enough pictures, and you can use google translate for the rest (right click, translate in english). ;) In fact, the whole topic is a big tutorial about the...
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    Prototype 037

    I saw this car yesterday, just south of Eindhoven (NL). Looks exactly the same. Front plate is LAB 037. Quite a menacing looking machine. I love it!
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    What do you think of this M.Y.94 Ghibli?

    Oops, too slow.
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    What do you think of this M.Y.94 Ghibli?

    It's juste the grill protecting the oil radiator. I presume the radiator is intact, as the engine still runs. ;)
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    What do you think of this M.Y.94 Ghibli?

    The headlights are exactly the same as the ferrari F40/355/348, you'll be able to find the cavallino on upper left corner. Japanese lenses doesn't have the correct beam pattern, you'll have to replace them. You can either buy the original from Ferrari (probably a little bit expensive) or the...
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    What do you think of this M.Y.94 Ghibli?

    This car was imported from Japan (not a bad thing, just an information, we can say it's a japan car by looking at the front lenses). It seems to me that the car lacks of boost. When you check the video, the boost gauge never pass twelve o clock, it should go to about 2 o'clock (start of the...
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    MCV Front Splitter

    I can play too :D
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    MCV Front Splitter

    There is a guy who ordered a carbonfiber seat backs in China made by molding the original back for his gransport. The result is pretty convincing : I wonder if he didn't post here too a few months ago? He will ask if it's possible to make the front splitter. I'm interested, as a back up, you...
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    Hello from Athens, Greece

    Welcome! The interior of the ghibli Primatist is not for everyone, no contest about that. Probably an acquired taste, but I grew fond of it. One thing is sure, there were not enough primatist produced (only 34 I think), it's very difficult to find one for sale today.
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    Real rarity here – 2.8-litre Ghibli Cup

    There you go. On a wet road, well, no full throttle...
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    Real rarity here – 2.8-litre Ghibli Cup

    If I'm not mistaken, the engine block have the same size, the increased volume was done by increasing the bore and modifying the crank for a bigger stroke. If there was a weight difference, it should be marginal. The 2.0 cup was indeed more powerful but the extra HP were only at the top. If you...
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    Real rarity here – 2.8-litre Ghibli Cup

    There is at least 2 japanese 2.8 cup in Europe, mine (the red one) and a silver on in Germany. I own it since 2012. According M Collina, there was 27 ghibli cup 2800cc produced for the japanese market. There were some differences between these and the ghibli GT 2800 : Slight increase...
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    Auto Italia Feb issue

    I've juste finished reading the article (for overseas members, you can purchase a digital copy here : Owning 3 of the cars featured (the AC, the MCV, and the ghibli cup -ok, it's the japanese version with the tweaked...
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    Cars that should do well over the next 10years

    Anyway, the actual value of a running 3200 is probably less than the value of the pieces you'll be able to salvage from the same non-running 3200gt. :confused:
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    JayEmm on Cars does 4200 Manual

    Facing the back on mine (but it's a LHD) and partially covered by an heatshield. Not too difficult to see.