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    Dental implants

    I went to Devonshire House in Cambridge after lots of research as to who was the best, or very close to the best in the UK. I would not go outside of 2 hours travel door to door. Not the cheapest, but I believe that the service and quality were right up there. I was pretty apprehensive of the...
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    CLOSED Brexit Poll

    The reality as I see it is this: 52% of the voters voted out - so less than 37% of the population have voted to leave the EU and on such a small margin of voters, leaving is an nothing more than an ill-informed bet. There should be an immediate general election. On the two main policies...
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    Cars and Coffee @ Museum Of Power - Essex - Sunday May 15th

    Good to meet you both there - missus says the trip worthwhile just to be called a lady:happy: Similarly, good to meet some really friendly forum members, really worth going cross-country there and will go into the museum next time. let's hope for ongoing spyder weather!, cheers, David.
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    The Low Loader Thread

    Had a very close call today, but all worked out OK in the end (bar some minor sunburn whilst waiting!)
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    WEC at Silverstone this weekend

    thank you - sounds like the daily is the option then - was looking forward to a stretch of the legs. David.
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    WEC at Silverstone this weekend

    did anyone go today? how is the car park condition? have a decision tomorrow to take the spyder, or another car more comfortable with a muddy field.
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    Forced employment contract chage and 20% pay cut............ help !

    I would also say from no on, write everything down (however insignificant it may seem) so to who is saying what from your employer. It will not only give your advisor a very clear course of events, if there are inconsistencies within statements or positions either from the same individual or...
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    something like this will secure the result: never get through EU safety standards, but if we come out, you may just get this being done to Maserati in the UK looks like we are staying in!
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    Rev problems with 4200 CC

    yes, absolutely. It should be an easy thing to discount as most indies will have access to some spare leads to swap.
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    Rev problems with 4200 CC

    I had something similar on my 2002 cc Spyder that I only found out after I bought her as I did not rev that high during the test drive. I would suggest one possibility might be the HT side breaking down/earthing. After quite a bit of investigation, turned out that something had chewed through...
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    Sports Maserati brake discs - second group buy

    Came home today to 40kg of engineering excellence sitting on the hall floor. The discs had arrived and look really good. A big thank you to Mark for all the effort in getting these designed and made and arranging the logistics (the delay in delivery entirely my fault, not his). Taking the...
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    Cruise Control retro fitting guide

    I managed to track down a new part on e-bay about 4 months ago and just about to get it fitted next week - again to be used on quiet motorway and speed restricted areas where I am forever creeping the speed up and then spending too much time looking at the speedo. I have just checked and the...
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    3200 Wheeler Dealers - Discovery Turbo Today

    For those that have not seen, on at 11:00am, 17:00 and 23:00.
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    4200 Beeping noice when driving

    Could it be a malfunctioning speed camera warning? When I first got my car, the high pitched triple beep really concerned me until after a little while and passing numerous signs, I figured out it was warning me of fixed speed camera locations circa 2002 (which of course Italian knowledge of UK...
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    SM Brake discs group buy - it's on!

    Look like a great piece of engineering. I am sure it was a huge amount of work to get these completed, thank you for the effort - looking forward to the batch 2 order:thumb3:
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    Brands Hatch

    I will be up for it (probably with the wife) depending on the date. Would be good to meet some members after reading the forum for a couple of years.
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    In Penang, Malaysia a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend and spotted this on the last day - always good to see a Maserati!
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    SM Brake discs group buy - it's on!

    I will have a set please.
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    QP boot gas struts

    I think Stabilus control this quite tightly. Their website does not list any uk spares reps, but advises to contact their main office: Stabilus GmbH Wallersheimer Weg 100 56070 Koblenz Tel. ++49 261 8900724 Fax ++49 261 890073724 E-Mail: David.
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    Silverstone Centenary Parade Lap

    It was a great day, first Maserati event I have been to and absolutely brilliant - all the better for the sun dusk till dawn. Thank you Miles for organising and letting us less vocal forum member join the fun!