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  1. Scaf

    What would cause this scoring

    My Jaguar XJ is in for a service, just 17k miles and the inspection video has flagged this on the inside of one of the front discs. They recommend nee pads and discs (dream on) but it’s very neat and precise, I have had the car since 1500 miles and have not had any squeals or anything from the...
  2. Scaf

    Whitstable - anyone know it?

    Mrs Scaf has booked us a couple of days on the Kent coast later this week which should be nice. Problem is we are struggling to find decent restaurants that are not already booked up, looking for some local knowledge? Any help most appreciated.
  3. Scaf

    Car storage lifts for sale on ebay

    Spotted these on eBay - might be of interest to someone
  4. Scaf

    Alfasud for sale

    Nothing to do with me but came across this in ebay -
  5. Scaf

    I went to a vigil once

    The day after the Manchester bombing I was in town and joined once of the many vigils, the silent remembrance and silent prayer was very poignant. Not sure what happened last night as I was not there, but have yet to see video of silent respectful remembrance. I imagine some people (and not...
  6. Scaf

    Life’s a *****

    So my son is moaning that during lockdown when he has not been able to go to the gym, he has LOST a stone on weight, whereas I have not been going to the gym either, but have put on a stone ! Life’s a ***** :p
  7. Scaf

    Classics for Carers 20th March

    Read about this event in the Mustang Club Mag and thought it was a great idea. They encourage classics and sports cars to take part and it’s the one show that the rules can’t shut down !! I have read enough on here to know that everyone is supportive of our carers and the NHS so why not take...
  8. Scaf

    Anyone have a U.K. holiday let

    Ok with holidays outside of the U.K. out of the question for the foreseeable, I am looking for a large family holiday home within 2 hours of Hertfordshire. Anyone have such a thing before Mrs Scaf goes hunting around the web. Would need to sleep at least 6.
  9. Scaf

    someone’s lucky day

    This idiot came as close as it gets
  10. Scaf

    Sportsmaserati Racers

    I have noticed during my time on the forum that there are a fair few on here that not only have race cars but race them, some are even building them. Although I don’t follow a particular motor sport I do enjoy it and it’s made even more interesting if I know someone in the track. I can’t find a...
  11. Scaf

    Carbon Ceramic Brake care

    Having just acquired a Strad which has Carbon Ceramic brakes, how careful do I need to be when cleaning? Lots of horror stories that they can be damaged if they absorb wheel cleaning products / car shampoo. Anyone know if how true this is. thanks
  12. Scaf

    New member of the Stradale Club

    Well after false start, I am the proud owner of this rather lovely Strad. It’s a 4 seater, low mileage example supplied by Dicky who describes it as “as new” . Arrives in the morning and I am rather excited :cool:
  13. Scaf

    A glimpse of my 1965 Mustang on TV

    Volunteered my red 1965 Mustang for filming on Strictly last night, blink and you would have missed it, but fun night out all the same. Producer seemed to favour the 50’s cars with all the chrome.
  14. Scaf

    Electric Mountain Bikes

    Anyone got any experience with these, we are introducing the cycle to work scheme so I am going to take advantage of the tax break and buy myself one. Any views of which brands to look at? Will spend up to £2.5k
  15. Scaf

    A thing of beauty

    Rather wonderful
  16. Scaf

    Farewell to the BA Jumbo 747

    Well the last two of these amazing aircraft are off to their final resting places this morning. I only managed one flight personally but it’s sad to see these iconic planes retired.
  17. Scaf

    Strad depreciation v GTS

    Hi Having started looking at Aston V12’s I am also contemplating a Strad. Does anyone have any figures on depreciation or sale prices on Strads V GTS. Over say the past 5 years. Pointers to any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. Scaf

    Lancia barn finds

    Any Lancia fans on here? I have a lead on two Lancia’s one is a Bita the other a Monte Carlo, currentIy Parker in a barn but I am told the Monte Carlo was MOT’d last year. I don’t know anymore but can find out if someone is genuinely interested.
  19. Scaf

    Aston Martin depreciation

    I keep looking at V12 Astons (previoisly I had a V12 DB7) but depreciation is holding me back. If I had bought a DB11 when I first looked I would have lost £40k in 18months. Realistically I would have £60k plus my GTS so all in about 90k. I don’t want to lose my shirt so discounting the DB11 and...
  20. Scaf

    Granturismo spots question

    Hi My winter protect is going to be to tidy up the front end of my 2010 Granturismo which will not only include paint correction and replacing my carbon splitters, but also to replace one of the spot lights which seems to be rusting inside. Is there an alternative to OEM.