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  1. MRichards

    Spyder Cambiocorsa for sale

    Spotted this, on current LLoyds Auction. Be quick,only 5 days left Also three other Masers on the list.
  2. MRichards

    Ghibli service manual

    Jeep Grand Cherokee engine if that helps. Oil filters available from Chinese supplier on eBay,about 2,50 squids each.
  3. MRichards

    Auto Italia 2021 Pictures

    Bruce, No reasonable person would deny Chairman Dan is a forceful character who gets what he wants. Without doubt the Hotel quarantine debacle was initiated by a person,or persons enjoying protected status so the "enquiry" was a cover-up. A reasonable person would rate Chairman Dan as a most...
  4. MRichards

    Lambda Sensors

    Last time I bought Bosch sensors for the Maser I found they have deleted many part numbers and there is now one generic sensor which substitutes for many of the original sensors. Sensible move,so now we have cheaper sensors & continuing supply of parts.
  5. MRichards

    3200GT 1999 flashing Hazards when car locked 8 times....

    You omitted to mention that if all else fails a full ECU reset requires the sacrifice of a young nubile virgin under a full moon. Currently we have two problems in that the recent full moon is now waning so you'll have to wait until the next full moon. Secondly,and most importantly,virgins are...
  6. MRichards

    3200GT 1999 flashing Hazards when car locked 8 times....

    Refer to page 8 of the Owners Manual. It says the flashing 8 times indicates nonclosure of doors,bonnet & boot. If all opening sensors and lights are OK,the flashing now indicates a system fault. A system check requires SD2 diagnostics or a visit to an authorised Maserati technician. Welcome to...
  7. MRichards

    Random/interesting/curious event today with my 3200 at the dual carriageway

    I have experienced the same random limp mode. I'm sure you'll find it's a false error. I have found that malfunction of throttle body and/or pedal pot don't cause activation of limp mode. To detect the error log you'll need an SD2 diagonstic tool which a few on this forum have and may be in a...
  8. MRichards

    The joys of getting on a bit...

    I recently had a urinary bladder infection which caused me to cease passing urine. Consulted the local shaman who prescribed a course of antibiotic,Amoxycillin,which cleared it up nicely. Had an ultrasound scan of the affected parts & seems a slightly enlarged prostate is squeezing the urethra...
  9. MRichards

    How to get rid of an expensive bird

    At the Phillip Island circuit in Australia,Cape Barren geese wander onto the track unafraid of the cars,presenting a serious hazard as they weigh at least 5 kg. I witnessed a Sport 2000 car hit a goose at high speed. The bird went through the front of the car smashing a hole in the radiator &...
  10. MRichards

    Rust on 3200 GT wheel arch - How much of an issue?

    Rust is especially serious on these cars as the steel is very thin. A repair is not as easy as other cars if the steel is badly rusted or pitted. The panels are treated with an epoxy paint on bare metal,then primed before colour coat applied. The corrosion inhibiting epoxy is essential to...
  11. MRichards

    3200GT Key / transponder

    The previous owner of my Y2000 3200GT had new keys made by Silca. They are better than the originals because the chip cannot be detached. Lots of hitech coding companies could do this small job.
  12. MRichards

    Please ignore this thread

    Dropped the thread,must have come to the end of the row. Now perl one ?
  13. MRichards

    Stellantis rising

    In Australia Maserati cars were sold through various dealers in each state until recently when Maserati Australia cancelled all the previous dealerships and sold directly. It was a big leap forward as Maserati are now client friendly and doing their best to fulfill clients' expectations. Just...
  14. MRichards

    Stellantis rising

    Saw this today, It is inevitable as Maserati has been using Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel engines for the current Ghibli. Seems to make good commercial sense.
  15. MRichards

    The end is nigh

    Hydrogen is the future. Our local council have two Toyota Mirai hydrogen cars. They are even better styled than your average cake of soap on wheels Toyota. The council uses the nearby Toyota factory to refuel,and that's the only problem,no other hydrogen refuelling stations.
  16. MRichards

    3200 head removal procedure

    The covers are secured with torx head screws,they are not allen keyed.
  17. MRichards

    Who needs a red Masterkey for his 3200GT ?

    The previous owner of my car refused to hand over the red key & I assume that after several years it is now lost. I have four working black keys & a red card. Can you make me a red key ? I am in Melbourne,Australia. If it helps I may be able to get a red key from a car which has been wrecked.
  18. MRichards

    Window seals

    My year 2000 model has been repainted using the special masking tape. No problems. I think your painter is getting a bit enthusiastic. Check your seals to see whether they are degraded by weather.
  19. MRichards

    My cats dead

    Mrs. Slocum may be able to help you with some new p*ssy ?