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  1. sionie1

    Limp home mode

    We took the motor out for its 1st proper outing today, obviously to get essential supplies, I just happened to need a supermarket a decent distance from home. All good, top down, sports mode engaged, wind blowing through my COVID mullet. Bliss. Until the last 100m from home, slowed for a corner...
  2. sionie1

    GC Centennial prices

    Well, I hope they get the asking or close to for this...
  3. sionie1

    MC Stradale detailing on YouTube

    Don’t think this has been posted previously, worth a view if you like this sort of thing...
  4. sionie1

    A cheap 4.2GT on youtube

    I quite like his previous Bentley vids, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does. I suspect there’ll be cries of heresy on here, but something different..
  5. sionie1

    Anyone else’s wife driven off with the trickle charger still plugged in?

    As above, I’m just passing Mars now, which is closer to earth than I was... :mad::eek::rolleyes::1408:.. still as she says ‘Accidents happen and no-one died’.
  6. sionie1

    Cast Maserati sign at auction

    Anyone after some Maserati adornments for their man cave?
  7. sionie1

    Carbon door caps

    Has anyone had these fitted to their Grancabrio or GT? There appear to be 2 options ,1 is inset into the door card and the other sits on the top. From what I understand both have the same part number so it’s just down to the fitting, at least that’s according to FD.
  8. sionie1

    Before the end of days, how about one last project? some interesting other cars in this chaps collection for sale.
  9. sionie1

    Aluminium dead pedal- using one as a template for more

    I’ve sourced a shiny dead pedal, and before I fit it I wondered if anyone was after one? I can take it to a local machine shop and get a price for one to be milled. Let me know before a Friday this week and I’ll ask, if there’s any interest.
  10. sionie1

    2016 Sat Nav update disks

    I have a set of Sat Nav disks, 2016, which I purchased off here a while ago. I’ve installed a few but have since fitted the CarPlay system, so now surplus to requirements. Happy to send for postage costs and perhaps a small donation to one of the supported charities on here ( which allude me at...
  11. sionie1

    Aluminium dead pedal - swapping out a rubber one

    Has anyone changed their rubber dead pedal for the oem aluminium? I’ve managed to find an aluminium one today that’s arriving tomorrow, but can’t find any instructions or comments when I’ve trawled the internet. All the threads seem to be around Ultimate pedals etc and fixing with double sided...
  12. sionie1

    Bargain abarth 695C Maserati Edition i don’t now how they’ve arrived at the price, but good luck to them...
  13. sionie1

    Some cars for auction from a barn find.. The poor Lancia looks broken, the Alfa is still pretty though.
  14. sionie1

    If you’re going to review a 2019 GT get an Italian to do it...

    Lots of v8 burbles and a passenger with fabulous legs... what’s not to like..
  15. sionie1

    UK power outages 2 generators cause chaos

    The chaos that hit today was caused by 2 generators apparently, but could just 2 generators failing cause so much chaos across different parts of the country? Sure it’s not the Russians? Discuss.....
  16. sionie1

    Pistonheads recommend buying a Gransport quickly.. at £20k Get in quick before prices go up.
  17. sionie1

    Holiday let in Italy- any advice?

    I know that a few of you on here have or have had holiday homes / rentals in Europe. I’m considering something small in Italy as a different option to BTL / holiday let here in the UK. I’d be wanting to use it on occasion but out of season in order to maximise the rental. I’m researching in the...
  18. sionie1

    I’ll just do launch control.... oops Not me I hasten to add, but you would be rather gutted.
  19. sionie1

    Autocar article about Maserati

    It’s almost like Maserati HQ have been following some of the threads on here..
  20. sionie1

    So called Smart motorways

    So for some time I’ve had this niggling feeling that smart motorways are just a bloody con and often don’t genuinely take into account traffic flow. This is the M6 today, for 22 miles it wasn’t any busier yet the overhead signs are set to 60, and obviously the speed cameras are linked..... no...