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  1. allandwf

    Brera, (159) ABS and Gearbox issue.

    Hi all, I think I have a faulty abs sensor, the usual abs, asr etc. unavailable. My question though is, could this effect the auto box? Struggle to shift above third when fault is up.
  2. allandwf


    Today is the anniversaryof the start, for many, of the Centenary Trip to Modena. Many friendships made, and still going strong. Thank you Sportsmaserati.
  3. allandwf

    Name the Object.

    Found this amongst a lot of garage equipment I got. Adjusts all ways so maybe helps align stuff when refitting?
  4. allandwf

    Vaccination Purpose

    There has been a lot of debate, good and bad, regarding the above. Apologies if it resurrects bad feelings, but... I like most of us have been double jagged, but tested positive today with PCR test, mild symptoms. So obviously the vaccine doesn't stop you getting it, but may alleviate symptoms...
  5. allandwf

    Out Of Hibernation .

    Not moved for a year and a half, started first go! Needs moving to new garage and a good checking over, but happy. Need to get the Assetto Corsa out of hibernation next.
  6. allandwf

    Watch what you ask for.

    Engineer was fitting a new radio into a panel, so needed a letterbox slot cut in it. He took the panel marked up to the fab shop, and said I need that bit out the middle. He duly went back to collect it, and was handed the letter box sized piece! His panel had been cut in four in the process!
  7. allandwf

    Wireless Headphones.

    Reaching out to the font of knowledge that is this forum. I am looking for a reasonable pair of lightish weight wireless headphones. These will be used for playing along to others , ie studio use. I did a search and Sennheiser momentum was recommended, which appear fine. I just wondered what...
  8. allandwf

    Small Cars

    A lovely sunny spring day, took the wee Abarth for a spin round the local B roads. Forgot how much fun could be had, it's a bit unforgiving normally as hard suspension, no stereo, but all forgiven when in its element.
  9. allandwf

    Comes into her own .

    Well, copious amounts of snow, - 8C temperatures, abandoned for 2 weeks, winter tyres, 4x4, old girl on 143k miles, she did good :) For all the bad press, the Brera is my go to car.
  10. allandwf

    Supercar Superfam

    Inadvertently saw the first few minutes of this. Now I know I will be more attentive.
  11. allandwf

    Bought a Scissor Lift

    Been toying with the idea for a while, then one came up, locally and 5 months old, so went for it. Could have picked a better time to pick it up, in the dark and ice, it was - 3c out! Needs must lol. Now just need to sort out the garage situation.....
  12. allandwf

    DIY? Rattle up a car. Looks a bit odd from some angles. But got to admire the fabrication.
  13. allandwf

    Alfa QTronic Auto Box. 6th Gear Issues

    Hi all. I am having issues with the Auto Box on my 3.2 Brera, it has flappy paddles also. It is reluctant to drop into 6th. If I leave it in Auto it will cruise in 5th, and not drop into 6th. However if I use the flappy paddle mode I can select 6th , but as soon as I put it into auto it shifts...
  14. allandwf

    My Assetto Corsa

    I would just like to let you all know that the Rubber Ball of a car is now back. Yes I have bought her back, again. Where she belongs some have said :) Hopefully later in the New Year will bring about the chance to get out and about, and bring her to meet friends old and new.
  15. allandwf

    Advert Wording.

    Adverts are all part of selling cars. You would think that they would be well structured, and worded, with photos to suit. This may be a lovely 3200 but this advert would put me off, on the other hand you could argue it has worked as it has made it memorable, but really...
  16. allandwf

    Temptation. MC Victory.

    This looks rather tempting.
  17. allandwf

    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    Started to watch this, but..... What a disappointment, after all the extra time they could have made it entertaining at least. Was it just me that thought so?
  18. allandwf

    Removed from Slumber.

    Woke up and gave a wash, prior to a polish and some tlc. A minor modification given as a nod to here ;)
  19. allandwf

    Easter Faces to Names

    Cheers and a happy Easter weekend to you all. Seeing as we can't go out.
  20. allandwf

    It's a sad fact. It is.

    I am sure some of us will be appalled.