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    13k miles 4200 manual

    Worn or just dirty Bob; maybe the latter? If so, easily cleaned?
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    4200 Buying guide?

    Safrane, to be clear on the rear window issue - is it correct that the delaminating is an aesthetic issue only of the black edging (ie looks untidy) but causes no other issues and only “needs” replaced if an owner decides they want it to look prettier? Mine has been delaminated for years, has no...
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    Clutch control and driving position.

    Confirm clutch should be lightish and easy to use; no issues with mine.
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    4200 GT on ebay - MX03 WCM

    Seat squab wear is not unusual for mileage; easily treated via clean and dye job.
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    Bought the Battersea Gransport . . . .

    Standard practice on changing the pollen filter is to remove all leaf debris etc as it gets blocked. Suspect a drain there is blocked leading to water finding another way out?
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Large lady has concluded her song and left the stage. New o/s rear wheel bearing did the trick. Nice to have a blank dash and full revs again. The lesson learned for me here is that not all codes are the same. The 1211 thrown by the non Maser (but good) code reader alluded to abs connections...
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    Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

    Yes, apologies for the inaccurate information - G48.
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    Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

    My motor factor’s system also confirmed Comma x48, with total coolant capacity for 4200 advised as 11.5L.
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    I appreciate your sentiments Scaf but the generously proportioned lady is merely approaching the stage, I will relax when she has sung. (Part in /light out). Cheers
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Interesting (and useful Tks) as this different to codes per photo:
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    In my case he could just confirm which wheel it was but not code history on his reader. That his testing showed one wheel was a wrongun is enough to move on and change that wheel bearing.
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Ps Dicky, agree re Scuderia, they were about £30 less for all the service gubbins v a common competitor.
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Tks, various members have mentioned using used in the past - £250 v £500; a chat with my mechanic since I posted makes me inclined to new due to danger of a failed used part causing confusion on the diagnosis.
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Ok, by way of an update, had the four wheels checked out when in for annual service and looks like one of the rear wheels is the culprit. On this basis will proceed and fit a replacement bearing (197064). Any suggestions for a good source for a 2nd hand part welcomed. eBay has a few from Germany...
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    Rattle at idle 4200 and oil change

    Eurospares have a used gearbox mount listed? (186908). Welcome to the manual club, not many of us.
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    Brake Discs, again!

    Likewise I would be interested in joining the next group purchase.
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    Maserati 4200 Wheel Bearing

    James, I might yet be interested but need to get a proper diagnosis first. Hoping to progress this week. Needless to say you plough on as you see fit; just mentioned for your awareness. Cheers
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Tks Phil, I will track down someone local who can help me do that as it looks like I need to confirm status of all four wheels in the 1st instance.
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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Tks. Hmm, that makes me nervous code is not wrong then.