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  1. davy83

    straight through rear boxes?

    Any one got any experience of straight through rear pipes instead of back boxes on a 3200? I would imagine they would sound awesome, but I am wondering if its legal sound levels and indeed if the noise in the cabin is extreme? Anyone got these or been in a car with them fitted? I think some of...
  2. davy83

    3200 pedal sensor - contactless

    I make small quantities of pedal sensors for the 3200 by hand, and these will reduce the problems normally associated with the pedal sensor. They use contactless technology and have matched outputs to remove the normal errors. They should last as long as your car. Contact me using direct mail...
  3. davy83

    how many left! only 133 left on the road in the UK, and dropping pretty steadily. seems like quite a small number.
  4. davy83

    interesting article about Maserati Research
  5. davy83

    new all Maserati v6 engine 630 HP!!

    This looks interesting!!!
  6. davy83

    hybrid Ghibli on the way?

  7. davy83

    3200 throttle body - lock down project.

    I have managed today to get a modified Volvo Throttle body running on my car, with no errors and it seems to run well. With lock down and all that I am not sure when I will get a chance to do an extended road test or even a rolling road test to check its not causing any problems but its...
  8. davy83

    Fangio in Action

    Worth a watch, he gets the back end out all the time!!
  9. davy83

    Maserati EV anyone?

  10. davy83

    3200 resale values

    Just did a quick search on E-Bay for 3200's out of curiosity, and they range from 5k to 21k. quite a wide spread on prices. How could anyone know what their car is worth in a market like that!!!
  11. davy83

    parking sensors

    I fitted after market parking sensors to my 3200 many years ago now and i thought i should share what i did. I bought front and rear sensors from these guys I mounted the rear control unit in the boot on the left behind the liner and ran wires up the...
  12. davy83

    Cruise control for 3200

    I fitted an after market cruise control unit to my car many years ago now and always planned to give others some details, and here they are. The cruise conrtrol unit is this one if you tell them you are fitting it to a 3200...
  13. davy83

    3200 idles high after some major work

    I have just completed a major service, including timing belt, and water pump and both idler pulleys, and valve clearance with 6 shims changed out. I changed out the starter too as i was having odd starter issues, so i have had quite a lot fo the engine apart! It going again, which is always a...
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  15. davy83

    odd starter issue

    Any one had this problem. after 1-2 hours of mixed spirited driving and finally a motorway stretch at 75 not pushing it all on the motorway, stop the car and now on two occasions once after 5 minutes and onces after about 20 minutes turn the key and click, stater does not engage. not the noise...
  16. davy83

    Maserati are making changes, and the Alfieri is apparently on the way!
  17. davy83

    Seems Maserati's market share is going up!
  18. davy83

    leaking fuel pump

    one of my fuel pumps is leaking petrol from the electrical connector. Anyone seen this before? I am presuming i need to replace the pump.
  19. davy83

    wheel repair

    anyone been able to get flat spots sorted on the late 3200 early 4200 wheels (see avatar)? I have very slight flat spots on two of my wheels and the two local companies one with fairly specialised wheel repair equipment say they cant do it? I am happy to send them (or drive to) any where in the...
  20. davy83

    clock stopped

    Any one had their clock just stop for no reason? Checked fuses and all seem ok. Is this how they finally fail?