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    Help appreciated - code 1211 abs/msr

    Hi, my 2005 Coupe GT (59k miles) abs/msr warning lights came on the other day (other symptoms are cruise control not working - expected; and Rev limiter cutting in at 4,750 rpm - unexpected?). Battery reset didn’t fix and also checked fuse. Went to local Alfa guy expecting to confirm sensor gone...
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    One owner low mileage FSH facelift Coupe GT for sale

    Not sure a thread has been started on this one?
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    56k service outcomes - brake fluid / gearbox mount

    Hi All, just collected the 2005 GT from main dealer, post 56k service. A couple of things I will pick up myself now they are advised: - brake fluid needs changed: any special approach needed or just the usual bleed through? - gearbox mount is leaking - eurospares a lumpy £415 plus vat for just a...
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    Drivers window

    Hi all Just collected the car from getting it serviced and as I turned into home road when I wound down the window it made a sudden metallic ping at bottom of travel that didn't sound great. Sure enough it won't go back up, makes mechanical motor type noises but linkage looks like it has...
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    Glove box lock

    Hi All The handle on my glove box failed; the plastic lug at the back that opens the latch when the handle is pulled snapped off at the base. Anyway, managed to get another one on e bay that will arrive shortly. It will arrive with lock but without key. No big deal as I never locked it anyway...
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    Differential noise? - help appreciated

    Dropping my car in to the local specialist for its annual next week. Over the last year I have noticed a gradually loudening noise from the rear best described as mechanical/rotational rather than a more constant wheel bearing hum. Coasting in neutral sees noise unchanged. Noisiest at 35/40 just...
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    Battery status

    Hi all Was getting my wheels aligned today and when restarting battery was flat. My car is kept on trickle charger so always spins up quickly. Got home ok and when restarting just now engine spun rapidly. Not sure if issue was garage had lights on when working but they did advise they had the...
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    Mot history

    Useful site if you are thinking of buying a car: Alas NI not included.
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    Palladium or Ruthenium?

    Ok, time to see if we have a few scientists in our midst. I have been looking at the Maserati Store and there are a couple of pairs of cuff links that I have been pondering on: so two questions: 1) Palladium /...
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    Low miles Gransport

    Haven't seen a thread started on this one? Just found this MASERATI GRANSPORT via Auto Trader
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    Northern Ireland Italian Car Day

    This event is not the biggest but always puts on a decent show Well worth popping along on the day.
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    Northern Ireland Italian Motor Club event this Saturday

    Not too many NI members on here but for those of you out there this is not a bad bash, on from 10am this Saturday at Lisburn. NIIMC site has further details. Anyone interested let me know, I will be there. Cheers.
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    Gransport for sale in Belfast

    Local (only) main dealer has one for sale: First one they have had in a long time, rarely see them for sale here. In fact in the two years I have been back I have yet to see one on the road. Will go and have...
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    275GTB restoration - amazing thread

    Apologies if this has been posted before but this is a fantastic thread and a warning to any buyer of an older classic: You have to sign up (free) to see the pictures. Cheers
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    Irish Festival of Speed

    Frank Did you see this?: Cheers
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    Broken key

    Went to unlock the car today and nothing. Took the key apart carefully to discover pad on circuit board had fallen off as welds had failed. Found a guy with very fine soldering iron who did a great repair at very fair fee. Result! If anyone wants contact details happy to share as looked to me...
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    Digital Radio

    I was browsing in WH Smith today and see that it is potentially planned to phase out the analogue radios by 2015, with millions of car owners left high and dry, with no radio in the new digital world. Anyone ahead of the curve and aware whether there will be an easy fix for the Coupe...
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    Here's one for Loz I gather it got passed in recently at auction when it didn't sell for US$750k
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    Yellow calipers- paint code/source

    Hi All I have a couple of tiny chips on my yellow calipers I want to touch in - does anyone know the exact name/code of the colour, or where I can find it, in which case I can possibly get some made up at my local Halfords (who made a great match for the carbonio nero). I am not sure if it...
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    Leather Interior?

    Interesting thread on Maserati Life which would be disappointing if correct: Anyone know the truth? Cheers