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  1. safrane

    4200/GS Collapsible Spare (Un-used) - Now provisionaly sold 22/6/22

    I have a un-used 4200 / GS spare, going spare (as I now have two). This will come with the extended Wheel Nuts required for use - It is a Genuine OEM item and still has the mould nipples on the tread. There is some light scratching on the alloy wheel as a result of storage. Collection from...
  2. safrane

    Maserati GranTurismo | High Mile Club -Pistonheads article

    Clearly had some (cosmetic) work done and suspect China made body items... but at least it shows that higher miles is achieved without spontaneous combustion.
  3. safrane

    Nearly new Gransport anyone?

    Not many left with this milage!
  4. safrane

    Wanted (on loan) Older Apple Phone

    My partners Mercedes SLC has connectivity to Apple Carplay via a tethered Apple Phone, however we have only ever used Samsung. Does anyone have an old unused Apple phone in the attached link, with the app installed, that I could borrow to see if it works properly before buying the latest...
  5. safrane

    Rise of the used car market

    Although I think this is starting to come to a end, I am surprised that our older Maserati seem to have escaped any jump in value; most 3200/4200/GS appear to have remained static or unsold. Yes other 'normal' cars seem to be enjoying some rather steep asking prices, such as Vauxhall Omega 3.2...
  6. safrane

    No new ICE cars from Maserati post 2025

    I guess it was bound to happen... and lets hope the current batch of new launches do not disappoint. Maserati and Alfa denied new ICE cars from 2025 | PistonHeads UK
  7. safrane

    JM on the Strad

    Waxes lyrical about Matt and Dicky too.
  8. safrane

    Sub 10k miles GS

    Not many, if any left with this many miles. Used MASERATI GRANSPORT V8 2007 for sale | PistonHeads UK
  9. safrane

    MC Editions

    Thoughts? New Maserati MC Editions celebrate Modena | PistonHeads UK
  10. safrane

    Goodwood 2022 event dates

    For your diaries. 79th Members’ Meeting: 9 – 10 April 2022 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard: 23 – 26 June 2022 Goodwood Revival: 16 – 18 September
  11. safrane

    Maserati Quattroporte (Mk6) | PH Used Buying Guide
  12. safrane

    Ghibli Cup for sale 22/7/21

    Not sure if this has been discussed.
  13. safrane

    Loz's old 4200/GS?

    Is this yourold 4200 Loz?
  14. safrane

    Anyone planning to have their car transported to Sports Italia?

    My GS is currently resting with Matt and Co down at SI HQ, but will need to come home soon. Rather than send an empty transporter back from the Cotswolds I was wondering if anyone was planning on sending thier car down there who could make use of the empty space on return.
  15. safrane

    Ideas on what it's worth.

    I have the opportunity to buy back my first Maserat. Its a revised 2003 (04MY) with 78k on the clocks. I sold it in 2011 for £13k with 69k, and I suspect it has had little maintenance since then as it has been owned by a TV production Co for most of that time, featuring on Emmerdale a number of...
  16. safrane

    Dowsetts Classic Cars

    Following the Importing cars from the US thread. Would you? Now if they did a 250F???
  17. safrane

    New storage opportunity near Gloucester

    For those who may be interested and local to the area, my local storage Co. is about to release individual garage storage with 24/7 access. C£250+vat, per quarter which is quite reasonable compared with my present place near Bidbury. So I already have a deposit on one...
  18. safrane

    F1 hydraulic pipes.

    My 2006 GS has just had its F1 pipes replaced after one was found to be split. Whilst there also had a new pump fitted too. The old pipes were all showing signs of cracking, so be aware if your car is similar age. Can't believe how quick the new F1 pump primes compared to the original. Thanks...
  19. safrane

    Delivery miles QP V face lift in Bianco Fuji

    If you are after an almost new, and of course the best design... this may be your last chance.
  20. safrane

    Inaugural Goodwood RRC Members beeakfast meet

    Anyone else going? Tickets open from Monday 17th May My GS has been selected to be displayed... First outing in a couple of years for it.