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    Maserati 3200 for sale

    Hi All A friend of mine has a lovely 3200 for sale, has invoices of 20k in last few years alone, I said I’ll post on here for him One problem… is in Cyprus but can import for around £700...
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    Bedfordshire Italian Car Show July 17th

    Hi All im attending this on Sunday, if anyone wants to come we can join somewhere and go in convoy perhaps? Im organising for a aection specifically for the forum next year…...
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    July 14th Summer Ace!

    Hi All This is traditionally the best meet of the year, sun (should be) will be out and temps are good…..also with the European trip in September this also may be the last meet till October and by then it’ll be cold for sure let’s get a good number of you u out to this as I too look forward to...
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    Classics at the Villa 15th May

    Never been but I heard so much about it so I’ll be there Sunday if anyone else wants to go let’s meet up for pint in there Or Scroll to the bottom and you will see it
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    Spring Ace Meet 12th May!

    Hi All Its a great month for the Ace meet as the weather is usually perfect and a great show out before all the summer festivities. For us as a forum its also the last meet before Le Mans so this will also be the meet for those coming to get their cars fettled and have a pint and a laugh before...
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    Ace Cafe 10th March

    Hi Guys Im sorry for the late notice but i have been so busy lately and this meet has come at the right time for all!! Many negatives in the world right now and stresses and also February was cold so this month brings the perfect excuse to meet up and smile between friends. As ever i like The...
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    Christmas Party 2021!!

    Hi Guys The covid factor was the reason we didnt do a meet last year and because of the fear of cancellations etc i think its also best we dont book a large event like previous years, instead im suggesting a small low key gathering of a few fellow enthusiast. Can i have a list of those of you...
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    Ace Cafe Nov 11th!!

    Hi Guys I met up with a few friends at the last Ace Italian night and it was packed and back to its best, I thought it’ll be good if we squeeze a meet in this year. some of us meet at The Old Orchard for lunch around 2-4 then Ace from 4pm till...
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    Ace is back! 8th July!

    After 2 years we can finally get back to Ace and The Old Orchard. Ace wanted parking fees for big gatherings and it’s taken a while but it’s been dropped now, so back to how it was in 2019! Really looking forward to this summer meet…… I have the pub booked from 2:30 pm...
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    Yaris GR!!

    I know I know this is a Maserati forum but today I went in and drove one, my my what fun and amazing handling this car has! While my car went for new tyres I thought I’d pop next door to the Toyota dealer and as they saw me in my car they thought I was serious Took it from Enfield Town to St...
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    June 10th Cock of the North Summer meet!

    Hi Guys After last weeks meet it gave me a buzz to see people and have them smiling.... Been indoors too long so who’s up for a summer one? It’ll be warmer and I’m thinking I’ll stick to the outside tables like last week..... the pub is doing a BBQ aswel..... Dem Conaero Urban Maser Simon M
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    What will this go for?

    I love these and i know Andy loves his, just wondering what this should go for?
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    April 29th Cock of The North Pub

    Hi Guys Continuing onto its own thread from the last one..... April 29th at 3pm onwards I have 12 spaces as in 2 tables of 6 Dem Scaf Matt Urban Maser Zep Mr S
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    Top Gear!

    Loved it today, hate the presenters other than Harris but today’s got me smiling.....2 beautiful Alfa’s reason why
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    Unofficial Ace gathering 13th Aug!

    I have tried my hardest to get a meet going at a pub then Ace but no venues are accepting large gatherings if orgainsed events. Myself Newtom and Matt will be meeting up at Ace from 6pm if anyone is bored and wants to come, you are very welcome. Maseratis are not essential as its not officially...
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    Alfa Romeo GTV V6 2002!

    Hi Guys The time has come to sell my V6. She has been so reliable for me and had never let me down. I am selling as sadly i hardly drive her now and I recently spent a lot of money on her like new radiator, service, brakes etc and i feel someone else will enjoy the pleasure of this amazing car...
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    Classic Motor Hub and Hotel Meet!! 21st May!!

    Hi Friends I have wanted to add a change once a year to the usual Ace meet. This year its the lovely venue of The Classic Motor Hub in Bilbury. Peter (Safrane) has been instrumental in this as he has his car stored at the venue so knows it very well. I was thinking...
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    First Ace of the Year!! Thur 12th March!!

    Hey Its been a long wait to see some of you as the last official meet was at Christmas. I hope many can make this as i skipped February thinking it was too cold. I have arranged for dining prior as always at The Old Orchard from 1pm Ace from 4pm...
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    Conners Mrs Conaero Zep Bruschetta, mushroom chicken, gelato Blondie - Helen - Ashley Karting Ashely +1 Ryan Ryan +1 TokyoMB - Falafel, chicken shish, gelato Ms TokyoMB -...
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    Ace Meet Sep 12!!

    Hi everyone As the summer holidays come to a close and we go back to work and our children back to school those long winter days are not too far away. The September meet is usually the most popular as its the last meet before the Christmas meet and its an opportunity to drive our cars or just...