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  1. Dman666

    3D printer

    Looking at getting a 3D printer has anyone had any experience with these
  2. Dman666

    Beulieu Supercar

    few pictures from Sunday..really great day
  3. Dman666

    Meet today

    Great turnout today
  4. Dman666

    Interior change

    Well had the silver interior trim which looked out of place so had them painted black..looks better I think
  5. Dman666

    Interior grab handles

    Im trying to remove the interior grab handles,is it door card off to remove ? as cannot seem to get them off
  6. Dman666

    Italian Breakfast Meet 31/7/2022

    last minute idea but we are holding a Italian car breakfast meet,all are welcome. Too Fast Too Filling SP11 6RU
  7. Dman666

    Door mirror switch Surround

    Looking for the plastic door mirror switch surround (do not need the switch)item number 7
  8. Dman666

    Engine covers

    Well i decided not to fit the carbon fibre engine covers as to boring....went down the hydro dipped posiden image instead and i love it
  9. Dman666

    Italian Day @ Beaulie

    Well I have a Maserati pitch booked at Beaulie for Italian day on the 24th April if anyone want to show
  10. Dman666

    Breakfast Meet

    I am holding a Maserati breakfast meet at the cafe (Too Fast Too Filling SP116RU) on 13th Feb if anyone wants to pop along
  11. Dman666

    Happy Christmas all

    Hope everyone stays safe and well
  12. Dman666

    COVID Study

    Well it was not good news after my COVID study as no anti bodies present in or produces with my antibody defiancey after vaccine,there are small traces in the immunoglobulins I get starting to appear from doners so maybe some good news
  13. Dman666

    Never seen before

    Fiat 500 Maserati edition ..
  14. Dman666

    Bodywork update

    Well as the car is having some work done i decided to get the door mirror base plates and window trims colour coded the finish (not the best of photos)
  15. Dman666

    Rear Quarter window trim

    The rear side windows on a Maserati Granturimso how does the trim come out of the rubber housing ?
  16. Dman666

    Beaulie today

    Few pictures from Supercar day today
  17. Dman666

    One of those weeks

    Have you ever had one of those weeks ..if it can go wrong it has...
  18. Dman666

    Summer evening car shows

    Had a great evening at the general car show in Witney,love these type of events very eclectic mix of cars
  19. Dman666

    Seat squeak

    Driver seat has annoying squeak when using .....not sure if it’s anything fixable
  20. Dman666

    Beaulie Super car day Sunday 8th August

    Hi We i have tickets for the Supercar show and a Maserati club stand pitch booked,anybody wishing to buy tickets from me i will need the following details please...PM if you wish (tickets are on a first come basis as not many available) Tickets and club stand is for Sunday 8th August only...