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  1. Scaf

    Classic car conundrum

    Ok, so I currently have a TR6 to compliment the Strad and my daily. Thing is I have always wanted an E Type and have always fancied a Healey 3000, both of which are significantly more expensive than the TR6. E type S1 would be at least 100k more Healey would be at least £50k more So does...
  2. Scaf

    Classic Ferrari lovers dream

    Today I was given a little tour of GTO engineering which was probably a but Wates on me given my lack of knowledge of the brand and ability to retain information. But these guys really are something else, British engineers at their very best. They make every single part for a Ferrari GTO from...
  3. Scaf

    Car meet at the Goat Hertford Heath tomorrow

    Hi The regular 1st Sunday of the month meet at The Goat Hertford Heath is on for tomorrow. People tend to arrive around 10am for bacon / sausage roll and a cuppa - Most will have gone by early afternoon. Always a good mix of cars from vintage through to modern. Parking is on the street around...
  4. Scaf

    Retire gracefully

    What oh why cant music legends like Dianna Ross and Paul McCartney retire gracefully. Had to keep turning off the Glastonbury coverage off as they murder their own songs. Its like a bad karaoke night at my local.
  5. Scaf

    De Tomasco

    This looks rafter special. I can see similar lines to an XJ on the side view
  6. Scaf

    What a beauty

    I think I am in love
  7. Scaf

    Goodwood Members Meeting this weekend

    Anyone heading to Goodwood this weekend for the members meeting ? I am heading down on Saturday with a mate, some good racing to be seen and weather looks ok.
  8. Scaf

    The Goat Hertford Heath

    There is a car meet at The Goat Hertford Heath on the first Sunday of the month, so this weekend. I have not been since before covid, but am thinking I will pop over to catch up with a few old faces. It used to be really well attended with a real eclectic mix of both modern and classics. Worth...
  9. Scaf

    Classic car auctions

    The Warwickshire collection looks interesting, a number of classic RR rolling chassis and a couple of Jaguar XJC’s...
  10. Scaf

    Idiots and Fuel

    So I arrive back in home with 22miles left in the tank and decide to get diesel ……. only to find that there are queues at the local stations as people stock up ahead of WW3 :mad: to$$ers
  11. Scaf

    Advice on Malta

    Hi Eventually managed to pin Mrs Scaf down to a holiday destination, she is type of my woman I know who would turn down a holiday in Barbados and opt for Malta - but who am I to argue. Anyway are we better off staying in Valletta or Sliema ? Any advice most welcome, looking at either the...
  12. Scaf

    Holy smoke Batman

    We have all seen some horrors on eBay, but this has to be one of the worse
  13. Scaf

    Best small SUV

    Mrs Scaf is very happy with her little Vauxhall Corsa and always resists my offer to upgrade it. But the in laws are getting on a bit and have mobility issues, so we are now looking tj change it to something that will be easier fo them to access. Mrs Scaf does not really want a bigger car so a...
  14. Scaf

    Front parking sensors on a Strad

    I have a 2014 #4 seater Strad and am always nervous parking as there are no front sensors. Has anyone come up with an aftermarket solution?
  15. Scaf

    Energy crisis

    So smaller energy suppliers seem to be going bust with more to follow. lots of assurances that worst case you change supplier but may pay more. But what if you were in credit with the supplier that has gone bust, so you lose that money or does the new supplier take the hit. Two weeks ago we...
  16. Scaf

    John Challis RIP

    Another comedy legend has died. My second favourite character from Onky Fools & Horses RIP
  17. Scaf

    Good deed

    When leaving Goodwood this evening a came across a fellow Maserati owner stranded in the side of the road. So being the helpful chap that I am I pulled over in a lay-by and walked back to see if I could help. lovely classic Sebring but with no tools, let alone mechanic knowledge all I could do...
  18. Scaf

    Goodwood Revival

    Well its Goodwood Revival at the weekend, I will be there Friday and Saturday Anyone else going ? I have a spare ticket for Friday - PM for details
  19. Scaf

    Classic Alfa Spider -no longer WANTED

    Well yesterday I decided to sell my classic Mustang and get myself a classic Alfa Spider. So having listed the 65 Coupe on eBay last night I took a non refundable deposit at lunchtime today and the car gets collected tomorrow - very happy and have not had to deal with any time wasters. I am...
  20. Scaf

    Diesel emission claims

    Adverts all over the radio and social media asking people to join the “class actions” against various manufacturers for “fixing” the test results on their diesel cars. Are these cases likely to lead to pay outs or is it all a bit of a scam. I never got a penny from PPI although my brother...