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    For Sale : 08 Maserati Quattroporte ZF

    Not that much less than my last bill... Better to keep it... Eb
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    Viva Tea Party or Bust - September 2022

    Clear as mud then! Eb
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    Viva Tea Party or Bust - September 2022

    Will we be on tolls in Spain and Italy? Eb
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    Crossing the Continent

    I used Tolltickets as per @RoaryRati and got it ever so slightly cheaper (I think!) Eb
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    Crossing the Continent

    Where can you buy the Swiss motorway vignette without being fleeced with a massive booking fee? Eb
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    Classic car conundrum

    Nice one Sam! Eb
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    Is my window regulator about to go bang?

    Better get on with getting the regulator checked. Also something to stick on the windscreen if we're travelling through Switzerland on the way back Eb
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    P0336 Error code - ENGINE REVS SENSOR

    Where are you seeing these codes? Eb
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    Fireworks were illegal in HK when I was growing up. However, you could acquire fire crackers if you knew where to go. The trouble with them was you couldn't play with them quietly! Eb
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    Is my window regulator about to go bang?

    Not something I'm happy to attempt myself as I haven't the first idea how to dismantle car bits. Will arrange to see Matt in due course I think. Don't want to try it out in case it goes bang and you can bet it'll be chucking it down from now on.... Eb
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    Is my window regulator about to go bang?

    Not what I need a month before the forum Euro beano... Lowered my front passenger window half way this morning and then it wouldn't rise. Had to open the door and with one hand on each side of the glass help it up while Mrs Eb activated the window switch. Reluctant to try it again.. Trouble is...
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    Range Rover advice

    You were a follow - obviously! Eb
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    Rear upper control arm replacement & other odds n s0ds

    Looks 40 years old at least Phil! ;) Eb
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    Classic car conundrum

    A la Iain Tyrell..... Eb
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    What did I forget to do?

    @Alan Surrey, regulator whisperer, to the bat phone.... Eb
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    I'm surprised you can sleep at all @Wattie! Your mattress must be awfully lumpy! :) Eb
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Must be a red trousered friend of @MarkMas ! Eb
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    There was some enthusiasm for various flavours of crypto on here a while back. Gone a bit quiet now... Eb
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    Removing infotainment display screen

    Yeah - I'd not want anying to do with colons either Eb
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    Battery or alternator issues?

    Are yellow calipers the equivalent of the dunce's hat? :) Eb