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  1. Bebs

    One front Neptune 20 inch alloy wanted.

    Must be be straight, no cracks or welded repairs. Colour is irrelevant. Thanks
  2. Bebs

    Be careful..

    Stanstead airport drop off paybooth.. CRUNCH!! Kerbs are tall and turn inwards towards you :mad:
  3. Bebs

    Old bird

    Gave the old girl a good seeing to this morning..
  4. Bebs

    New garage…

    Just finished building a second garage..
  5. Bebs

    GT sagging headlining

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for a sagging headlining fix? Neither my wife and I are tall but I had a somewhat taller mate in the car the other day and the headlining was sitting on his head! I honestly hadn’t noticed it before but once pointed out to me (mate...
  6. Bebs

    Watches galore

    I just came across this display cabinet in a french jewellery boutique..
  7. Bebs

    Typical - flat battery

    Been in France for the past two weeks, done a fair bit of driving around. The GT sits on a trickle charger permanently at home and although I did bring the charger with me, I haven’t been using it down here since we’re driving pretty much every day, if not every other day. Car sat for 36 hours...
  8. Bebs

    Summer buff

    Completed a 6 hour wash/clay/pre-wax/Zymöl/detail yesterday but didn’t get a chance to post up as I was knackered!! Buffed up quite nicely in the end so I feel it was worth it.
  9. Bebs

    GT-S bonnet movement at speed?

    Hi Guys, Has anybody else noticed a bouncing movement of the bonnet, over the wheel arches at the outer edge of the bonnet, at speeds over 70 mph? I was hammering down the French motorways to our house in France and noticed the outer edge of my bonnet bouncing up and down... slightly...
  10. Bebs

    MC-shift won’t select (R) reverse when cold

    Morning guys, Has anyone experienced anything similar? This morning, after a minus 3 degree night, I could not select reverse. I kept getting the message ‘gear not available’ when pressing R. Took 15 minutes of warming up the engine at idle and 15-20 attempts before it finally engaged. It has...
  11. Bebs


    How about a cigar thread here - so we don’t annoy and infringe on the ‘wine’ and ‘what you drinking now’ thread? I realise we must be in the minority these days, but even so, there must be a few of us. Doctor Houx I presume?
  12. Bebs

    GT HVAC LCD screen upgrade

    I think this might have been mentioned before but I just stumbled across this video and thought it was worth posting. Does look like a worthwhile upgrade.
  13. Bebs

    My GTS purchase, service requirements and upgrades

    Merry Christmas all, I purchased my 2010 GT-S MC shift back in July and had a thorough inspection carried out by Nuvola. It flagged up a number of things, mostly known issues, that needed dealing with and I was able to use that as a negotiation tool. Managed to get a fair chunk knocked off the...
  14. Bebs

    360 story and engine rebuild

    Greetings all, I have been posting mainly in the Granturismo section for the past few months after purchasing a 2010 GTS MC shift. However, due to recent 'developments' with my Ferrari 360 I thought I would put together some story pics and recent engine strip down woes. Here goes; In 2002 I...
  15. Bebs


    Quick question, I want to fit 22 mm spacers to the front of my 2009 GTS and 25 mm to the rear. Will these H&R Quattroporte spacers fit?;car=maseratiquattroporte
  16. Bebs

    Newbie question - MC shift

    Greetings all, I picked up a 2009 GTS MC shift last week and spent 2 days detailing it bringing it back to its former glory. Haven’t had much chance to drive it yet and before I do I wanted to ask you guys about MC driving. I’m a little confused with the auto options... there’s the ‘1’ on the...
  17. Bebs

    Multi Media System manual in English?

    Evening all, My 2009 GTS MC was first sold in Italy, now registered in the UK. Unfortunately this means that the owners manual and multi media system manual are both in Italian, which I cannot read. Any suggestions where I might obtain English versions? Many thanks
  18. Bebs

    Another GTS newbie

    Hello all, I’m picking up a 2010 GTS MC tomorrow morning. My wife & I are danish/dutch so when I accidentally came across a UK registered left hand drive German import on autotrader I fired off an email for some information. As luck would have it a fellow danish chap, also living in the UK...