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    Is my window regulator about to go bang?

    Not what I need a month before the forum Euro beano... Lowered my front passenger window half way this morning and then it wouldn't rise. Had to open the door and with one hand on each side of the glass help it up while Mrs Eb activated the window switch. Reluctant to try it again.. Trouble is...
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    2007 QPV 4.2 Auto Exhaust sound

    Please help me out. I'm aware that for the QPV 4.2 auto there are no external valves in the exhaust box. However, thanks to previous members gutting their boxes we know that there is a spring loaded baffle inside which is forced open by exhaust pressure. Under low revs the baffle is closed and...
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    What should I be drinking?

    Talk to me about South African wine. I'm going to go to the local wine man and ask for some recommendations. For white, I'm a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc sort of guy and reds are Argentinian Malbecs. Will probably want fizz in white and rose too. What are the South african equivalents? (Or is...
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    Information Security Policy

    My wife is a sole trader and has received a contract which requires her implement a written information security policy that specifies the security standards she will apply to protect personal data she processes. Does anyone have any examples or pointers where I could get a template to look...
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    Car hire in Italy

    Booked to go back to our old SM stomping ground in Tuscany at the end of Aug (COVID permitting), but this time I won't have the luxury of the QP waiting for me, so will need to hire a car from the airport for a week. I always feel I'm being ripped off with car hire and insurance so would...
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    What tools?

    I am being extremely brave (foolhardy) and attenpting to replace the rear woofer under the parcel shelf of my QP which I think I have blown (Well there's nothing but occasional fart) I'm following the steps detailed here to get to the rear parcel shelf...
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    QP Replacing bass woofer in rear parcel shelf

    Anyone got a how to with pics on getting access to the woofer in the rear parcel shelf of a QP? Sort of thing I ought to be able to do.... but a bit apprehensive that I'll break or damage something or not be able to put thngs back. There's some guidance on Maseratilife but no pictures and can't...
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    You lot get out and about. Thinking about Hawaii in September but want to avoid Honolulu and experience the natural wonders. Diving, sailing, volcanos, bit of hiking, maybe a helicopter etc. Any reccomendations for itinerary/places to stay/ unusual / special things to do? Eb
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    Advice on car for daughter

    We spend alot of time chewing the cud on Masers and so I feel I have rudimentory grasp of this "market". However, I'm a a loss when it comes to normal volume cars. Following a mishap yesterday, where thankfully there does not seem to be any significant injury, my daughter is in need of a...
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    Small belt / thick rubber band

    Hi I'm looking for a small rubber belt type thingys with an inside diameter just under 7cm that has a reasonable width eg 1 - 1.5cm and of varying thicknesses 2, 4, 6 mm It's to go round a camaera lens so it engages a plastic colar which is used to rotate the lens to allow it to zoom in and...
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    Pangbourne Classic Car show

    Took the maser along to this event as it's only up the road from me. Great setting and well organised and an eclectic range of cars. Plenty of Morgans and MGs, and English marques in general. Almost no Italian - only 1 and a quarter Masers... Anyway something for everyone (especially since this...
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    QP rear sun shade stuck

    Got the car back from the paint shop with the news that the car has had a hissy fit System not programmed Airbag light Rear sun shade opened Battery was rather flat as the the doors etc had been left open for hours/days while they went about their business. I've been charging the battery and...
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    3200 on Wheeler Dealers on Quest +1 at the moment

    3200 on Wheeler Dealers on Quest +1 at the moment Eb
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    "Local" garage in Norwich

    Hi Does anyone have any recommendations for a good honest "local" garage in central Norwich / towards the university where Ms Eb could take her Fiesta? Thanks Eb
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    Bulletin on updated process for engine variator noise issues - Bulletin MTB-200917G

    Saw this on ML - Does anyone know, or how to get, the details... Maserati engine and engine cooling service bulletin (Bulletin MTB-200917G) Bulletin Date: Aug. 10, 2018 Component: Engine and engine cooling. Bulletin Summary: Technical bulletin on updated process for engine variator...
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    What happened to my paint?

    Got around to cleaing the car after a 2K blast around Europe and my car seems to have caught something nasty from the French (or Swiss or Italians...) - Any ideas? Eb :(
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    Help! Indy west london?

    Car has died. I'm in Marylebone waiting for the AA. Where could they take me? Eb
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    The next mile was expensive

    20K in just under 4 years. It's been bloody brilliant! Eb
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    Blasted key!

    Gents The blade on my key has stopped being able to fold back into the case. I can push the button but it no longer seems to release the internal catch allowing the blade to be pushed shut. Any ideas? - not really excited about the prospect of pulling it apart Eb
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    How to remover a shower screen glued to the wall?

    Collective Mrs Eb has decreed that the shower screen is to be replaced. I have removed the glass bit, but what remains is the vertical rail which was screwed into the wall into which the glass slotted. I have taken out the screws that hold the rail against the tiled wall, but it remains stuck...