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    Hot hatch choices (Golf vs Hyundai?) for a new daily

    Faster than hot hatch and more economical Love it
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    The good morning thread

    Morning from 44c Nicosia Somehow feels cooler than the 25c we had in London day of beach and more eating today……
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    2023 Chevy (Corvette) Stingray

    Is that the car a forum member is waiting delivery on? Think that’s the one we got told about in Le Mans
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    Hot hatch choices (Golf vs Hyundai?) for a new daily

    A Giulia Veloce! 4 pot, 4 doors, 48mpg if taking it easy, 0-60 4.5 secs (with Celtic tuning) or 5 secs standard Love mine
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    Anything you need Spart I’m here Have good brokers to go over things with you
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    The good morning thread

    Plates were cloned Newton, had something similar with a speeding ticket
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    The good morning thread

    morning all Sitting in garden for most of the day… football at lunchtime and then just stay out and get a tan all day Lovely lazy day
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    Maserati 3200 for sale

    Hi All A friend of mine has a lovely 3200 for sale, has invoices of 20k in last few years alone, I said I’ll post on here for him One problem… is in Cyprus but can import for around £700...
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    BMW 2012 F30 and I drive experts

    i had a 2012 320d and i had no issues with connecting, all wireless......let me think how and ill have a look at some pics on my phone and ill post.....good car, 60mpg and quick.....
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    Driver stereotypes based on marque (and behaviour?)

    Audis…..just my hatred for Audis and the owners Seem to be the worse on the road No indication and always up your rear
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    The good morning thread

    your going Lille?? can you do me favour and visit that square?? haha
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    Im up for it but its just us I think
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    Pic of the day

    Love it! Only thing missing for me is an E30 M3
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    Multiple 'fun' cars

    Always willing…. seriously
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    July 14th Summer Ace!

    What a lovely group of people this forum has thank you to all those who put the effort in and came tonight I had a good laugh with you all
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    Bedfordshire Italian Car Show July 17th

    Hi All im attending this on Sunday, if anyone wants to come we can join somewhere and go in convoy perhaps? Im organising for a aection specifically for the forum next year…...
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    July 14th Summer Ace!

    I’m here with Alan sinking into a beer…..
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    The good morning thread

    Great news Newton….im happy for her
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    Very good YNWA
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    The good morning thread

    Or Ace…..