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  1. Lavazza

    E10 Fuel compatible with 575M

    I'm considering a Ferrari 575M, but struggling to find out if I'm going to have an issue with E10 fuel. I know sale of Super Unleaded E5 will continue, for now at least, but where I live and drive, it's by no means guaranteed that Super is on the menu. (Also understand that there are currently...
  2. Lavazza

    The Lotus Emira thread

    Recognising that the Lotus Emira is generating interest on the forum with a few potential owners, I thought it'd be good to create a dedicated thread.
  3. Lavazza

    Granturismo 4.7 S MC Shift for sale

    I've decided to reduce my collection and try something new, so I've listed my GranTurismo. If it's of interest to anyone on here, feel free to drop me a direct message.
  4. Lavazza

    Ferrari PPI in Warwickshire?

    Interested in any recommendations on getting a PPI on a Ferrari 360 in Warwickshire. Thanks
  5. Lavazza

    Sports Italia goodies?

    Did I read something on here about Sports Italia goodies, such as exhausts and cats, or am I dreaming? Been searching and not found what I thought I read a few weeks back...
  6. Lavazza

    Christmas 2020 thread

    Thought it would bring some cheer to share a bit of Christmas magic this year. Here's a few pics from the Lake District...
  7. Lavazza

    Short notice, but...

    If anyone fancies a drive this weekend, drop me a PM. I'd be happy to have a run out in the North. Cumbria/Lakes, Scotland, possibly North Yorks. Ideally non tourist areas.
  8. Lavazza

    Latest Maserati news

    Just received this...
  9. Lavazza

    Drive 14th June, Lake District

    Hi folks There's a drive tomorrow. Start 0930 Rheged Penrith. Includes Lakes and mountain passes. Maserati and Lotus. All are welcome. PM me if you want any more info.
  10. Lavazza

    Worth going down the Ferrari route?

    I've had a lot of very nice cars for over 20 years, Porsche (964, 993, GT3 CS), Aston (V8V), Maserati(GTS MC) Lotus (Exige S2, S3), Mercedes (R129 500SL) and others... I've never owned a Ferrari. I feel a little torn as to whether I go down that route. Currently have: GTS MC, Audi TTQS, Exige...
  11. Lavazza

    Great motorsport video

    Thought this might be appreciated on here..
  12. Lavazza

    Grigio Mercury wheels centres for Granturismo S

    As title suggests, where can I find a new set of Grigio Wheel centres for my 20" Neptune wheels? Not coming up with much having searched.
  13. Lavazza

    Modern Classics 2020: GranTurismo

    Not sure if anyone in here picked upon this list? It's about time the GranTurismo received some recognition in the current market.
  14. Lavazza

    Supercarfest 2020

    Last year I was fortunate to get a demonstration drive in my Lotus Exige S at the inaugural 'Supercarfest' at Shelsley Walsh. This year there are 2 events, one at Sywell Aerodrome in May and the other at Shelsley in August. I was very pleased to have my entries...
  15. Lavazza

    The watch thread.

    I couldn't find a dedicated watch thread on SM (forgive me if there is)... I thought it would be fun to have a place on the forum where we could share our enjoyment of watches. If you have a watch you enjoy, feel free to post it here - from Casio to Patek, Pocket Watch to Tourbillon, or...
  16. Lavazza

    Hesitant listing of my GTS...

    Hello folks At the weekend I decided to test the market a little by listing my GTS for sale. In truth, I'm not dead set on selling and feel I might regret it, but I feel a little compelled to reduce what is becoming a bit of a growing car collection. Month after month, there's insurance...
  17. Lavazza

    550 Maranello v 612 Scaglietti

    I'm interested in both the 550 and 612. Never owned a Ferrari before. Prefer manual, but content with F1. Any thoughts welcome. Currently have Granturismo S MC and small collection. Thanks.
  18. Lavazza

    GranTurismo picture thread

    I've not noticed a dedicated picture thread on here, so thought I'd start one. It would be nice to see our cars being used 'out in the wild'. Here's my car this morning...
  19. Lavazza

    McLaren (or other GTS alternatives)

    Hi folks Been enjoying my GTS and have invested in early servicing and preventive maintenance. But... fancy a change and rationalizing a small collection. Anyone here have a McLaren 12C? (Luddite warning, later cars don't float my boat so far, but open to being swayed). As an alternative, I...
  20. Lavazza

    1999 Ghilbli at auction

    Spotted this...