3200 gt

  1. Khalid Mukhtar

    Maserati SD2 Diagnostic tool for Sale

    Hi All, I have an SD2 for Maserati loaded with 3200 software and also have CD for 4200, with all the wiring and connectors. I have a video of it working in standalone mode but it is too large to load, message me for a link to the video of the standalone mode. I am based in Bahrain, Middle East...
  2. A

    3200 rear towing

    My 3200 is not starting. It is parked on a very steep driveway facing the garage door so I can't get at the engine very easily! I cannot find a hole for a towing hook. Is there one on the back of the car? If not, what do I use to tow it backwards? I don't like to pull it by the rear axel really...
  3. B

    Identifying my 3200 exhaust

    Have you guys got any thoughts, is it stock?
  4. Boris-JHB

    KNOCK SENSORS - 2001 3200GT - need 2 new sensors - can I use from another OEM?

    Friends, I am based in South Africa, where my 32GT now needs 2 new knock sensors. Unfortunately, original spares are currently not available in the country. I would order from overseas (any tips for global suppliers with fastest lead times?), but what would really help is your view on...
  5. hodroyd

    Wanted - Maserati 3200 GT 2001 Auto, Skyhook, Average Mileage

    I am looking for the subject vehicle with a view to purchase early 2012. It is my wife's birthday and for some reason she has always wanted the subject model. I am advised that the 2001 year is the one to go for, not a 2000 model registered in 2001. Colour preferred is in Blue Metalic, with...