4200 gt

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    4200 / Spyder rear Antenna

    Hi all, As I'm looking to buy a Maserati Spyder, I'm encountering a lots of different car models and versions (MY02, MY03, etc..). I've noticed differences in the rear antenna. Sometimes the car has a rear antenna ant sometimes not. This seems not be dependent on the car version, as for...
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    Looking for a 4200 or GS

    Good evening gentlemen. I was all set to purchase a 997 and then started looking at face-lift 4200s and have decided that I need something Italian and V8 powered in my life. I've just missed out on a 2006 manual with a red interior. Now, you lot seem to watch the market pretty closely. What...
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    Considering my first Maserati - 4200 GT 2004. Are the problems deal breakers?

    I'm one of those who have been reading all the posts here for the last few weeks before finding the right car and taking the plunge. I'm considering a 2004 example of the 4200 GT (drove the CC and it wasn't for me). It is a lovely nero exterior, crema leather car with 66,000 miles and a properly...