4200 spyder

  1. Khalid Mukhtar

    Maserati SD2 Diagnostic tool for Sale

    Hi All, I have an SD2 for Maserati loaded with 3200 software and also have CD for 4200, with all the wiring and connectors. I have a video of it working in standalone mode but it is too large to load, message me for a link to the video of the standalone mode. I am based in Bahrain, Middle East...
  2. M

    4200 / Spyder rear Antenna

    Hi all, As I'm looking to buy a Maserati Spyder, I'm encountering a lots of different car models and versions (MY02, MY03, etc..). I've noticed differences in the rear antenna. Sometimes the car has a rear antenna ant sometimes not. This seems not be dependent on the car version, as for...
  3. R

    4200 spyder Scuttle shake

    My wife's spyder suffers from he normal scuttle shake, made slightly worse by a new set of tires. Are there any mods that can be undertaken to reduce the shake? Her car is a 2004 model