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    Original 4.7 QP exhaust vs only X-pipe changed.

    I don't want the exhaust to be too loud. I was thinking of changing the X-pipe only. I think I am going for the Larini X-pipe. I was wondering how much louder the X-pipe is going to make. If I am not wrong, the original pipe have a muffler in it. Can anyone give me a figure of how loud...
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    WANTED! Quattroporte S 4.7 sports exhaust!

    Hi, Looking for a set of sports exhaust for my 4.7 QP, the original exhaust is too quiet in my mind and would like something noisy. I want to keep the maserati Growl and would really like to find a second hand at the right price. my vehicle is an 2010 vehicle so would like to find...